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About Us

Nothing lifts your home, or your mood, like being around fresh flowers! So we created BLOOMBOX CO to make it easy to build beauty, right into your life.

We team up with growers and family run businesses to bring you seasonal Australian grown flowers, with minimal waste and a low environmental footprint. And we work hard to share great ways to create and live with fresh flowers. Because we know it’s more about the experience than the end product.

Our mission

Making good decisions when it comes to flowers is more complicated than you think. It’s hard to tell how fresh your flowers are, whether they’re covered in chemicals and whether they’ve been grown around the corner or have travelled around the world.

When you’re buying flowers you very rarely think about the effort, the hard work, the care and passion that goes into growing them. That’s why it’s heartbreaking when you realise nearly half of all flowers at the shops are thrown out without being sold.

We’re changing this: By partnering directly with flower growers to deliver fresher flowers directly to you. We’re building a model that reduces waste and will eventually help our growers only grow what you love. We think about this as Good Flowers.

Our Values


Our Team

Philomena Kwok
Philomena KwokCo Founder
After years of building a career in finance and juggling forays into the fashion industry on the side, Philomena has thrown it in to follow her love of great design and connection to the land. Past pursuits in fashion saw her namesake millinery label stocked nationally, appearing on television, runways and editorial – and partnering with flagship fashion labels like ESCADA, Farage and Carl Kapp. Now through Bloombox Co Philomena is working to get great, locally grown flowers into homes and businesses, in a way that enriches lives and spaces.
Ria Gambling
Ria GamblingCustomer Experience
Ria joined Bloombox Co after deciding to move away from customer care and follow her love of all things floral. Fuelled by falafel and a good coffee she is currently brushing up her flower wrangling skills by studying for a Certificate III in Floristry and is dedicated to filling our boxes with the most gorgeous local blooms the season has to offer. With formal qualifications in Printed Textile Design and on the job experience in buying and visual merchandising getting creative is what really makes her excited and happy.
Matthew Pryor
Matthew PryorAdvisor
An experienced entrepreneur, Matthew has founded, scaled, and sold technology firms in Australia and the USA. As co-founder & CEO/CTO of Observant, Matthew has been instrumental in the development of the AgTech market in Australia. After acquisition by Jain Irrigation, a leading global agtech company, Observant continues to drive the application of IoT and big data in agriculture. Matthew is passionate about supporting Australian food and ag innovation, and has joined the board of Rocket Seeder, an accelerator for early stage companies, to further that goal.