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Trick or … Treat? Spooky Halloween Themed Flower Arrangement

Trick or... Treat! Roses, Chrysanthemums, Snapdragon and Oak BOO! It's Halloween baby! Corny? Capitalist? Maybe. But we also think the 31st is a great excuse to get creepily creative and connect with community! When else can you, responsible adult (hmmm), paint your face, dress up your front yard, and run [...]

Heal Country! – Banksia and Protea Arrangement

Heal Country! - Australian Native Arrangement with Banksia, Proteas, Leucadendrons and Gum In honour of NAIDOC week and in celebration of Aboriginal history, culture and achievement, this week's box is filled with Australian native banksias, gum and leucadendrons. The theme for 2021 is 'Heal Country!' which calls for stronger measures [...]

Snow Good – Andromeda and Stocks Arrangement

Snow Good! - Andromeda and Stock Arrangement with Freesia, Blushing Bride and Viburnum Frosty and fabulous, this week's box is a stone-cold fox, with crisp, bright white blooms nestled amongst luxe, glossy greenery. We'd love to have done a Pride box at some point during this month in honour of [...]

Winter Paradise – Snapdragon and Bird of Paradise Arrangement

Winter Paradise - Bird of Paradise Arrangement with Snapdragons, Berries and Viburnum It's not uncommon to fall into a little bit of a slump around this time of year. Chuck the cool change of weather and yet more bloody lockdowns into the mix and no one could blame you for [...]

What in Carnation!? Carnation and Alstroemeria Arrangement

What in Carnation!? Bloody lockdown for our Melbourne babes again! Putting together an extra special flower arrangement was the least we could do for our friends stuck indoors. In cool and crisp whites and greens, we hope that this inspires feelings of peace and calm during this necessary but frustrating [...]

Oh Kale Yeah! Sweet William and Kale Arrangement

Oh Kale Yeah! We all know how good kale is meant to be for your health. Packed full of the good stuff, the queen of vegetables! But a little known fact is how good the ornamental variety is, for very different sort of wellbeing – to brighten up your home [...]

Notes From a Sunburnt Country – Native Winter Arrangement

Notes from a Sunburnt Country - Native Winter Arrangement Leucadendrons, Banksia, Thryptomene with Spinning Gum and Billy Buttons Rugged yet adorable. Not usually two things you'd usually put together, unless it's Jake Gyllenhaal! Though this week's Aussie native bunch ticks those boxes. In your box is a classic mix of springy gum, [...]

Verdure – Freesia and Fern Arrangement

Verdure Freesia and Fern Arrangement Hope you’re feeling thirsty because this week's box is a tall drink of water! So fresh and clean, it brings cool, luxe, rainforest vibes right into your home! There’s just something about ferns that never fail to make us think of a lush, abundant jungle [...]

Tutti Frutti – Celosia, Snapdragon and Tulip Arrangement

Tutti Frutti with Celosia, Snapdragons and Tulips This bright and beautiful tropical fiesta makes me think of a tequila sunrise, or a peach iced tea… perhaps a sorbet somewhere on the Amalfi Coast! The days are getting shorter and the air a tad cooler but we can cling to lazy [...]

TRASH TO TERRACOTTA – Carnation and Corokia arrangement

TRASH TO TERRACOTTA Carnation and Corokia arrangement It wouldn’t be fair to call carnations trash. In fact, quite the opposite! The much maligned carny is a new age favourite, and here’s why! These ruffly petalled beauties are more akin to peony than anything else. Best gathered in a cluster, these [...]