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Hydrangea Habits – Hydrangea and Sedum arrangement

Hey lady! How easy is it to be swept up in the tide and find yourself worn out and swimming against the current? That's why it's more important than ever to build in those little snippets of beauty into your life, and keep your creative flame alive! There's no time like [...]

Summer Spoils – Lisianthus and Sea Holly arrangement

Summer Spoils - Romantic arrangement with Lisianthus, Sea Holly and Snapdragons   There's nothing more delicious at this time of the year than pausing to sniff clusters of late summer roses, dangling over the neighbours' fences on your way home. And judging by the competition you'll have from the abundance of happy bees, [...]

Summer Nights, with Peony, Hydrangea and Snapdragons

Summer Nights - Feminine tropical arrangement with Peonies, Hydrangea, Snapdragons and Viburnum We love summer for its days that go on forever, that last long enough for a proper adventure and that feel like they're just beginning even though you just stepped out of the office! Of course though, what [...]

Peonies Please!

Holy Moly. Does it get better than this time of year? This week, PEONY SEASON continues! The tiny window of the year that these voluptuous beauties are in bloom. Passions run high for these perfumed blooms, with brides planning weddings around their flowering season, celebrities tweeting their obsession with them [...]

For the love of colour – Venus Protea arrangement

Hey, lovely! Feeling flat, stressed or exhausted? It might be time to look at the colour in your space! Study after study tells us how colour can affect our emotional state - particularly in the home. So one way of making yourself happier at home is thinking about the ways [...]

Back to Basics: Lisianthus, Leucadendron, Eucalyptus and Gypsophilia

Beeps, pings and push notifications. Everything these days is about instant gratification, distracting you and pulling at your short term attention. When's the last time you sank into the pure bliss of doing something creative, or focusing on doing something you love, without being interrupted? This week we're inspired by [...]

Treasure Hunt – Pincushion, Scabiosa pods and mixed stem arrangement

Hello, treasure. Life is BIG, and we spend so much time hunting for all the things that will bring us joy, success and happiness. But sometimes all you have to do is look closer to home and you'll find the treasure you've been hunting for has been there all along! We like to look inside the home for nuggets of joy - and whether you're in a big house or a modest studio, there are east ways to really honour your space! Even if you can't get your entire home shrine-worthy, we're putting it to you to create a pocket of your home that's dedicated to your favourite things - a treasure trove of things that spark joy for you! Choose a shelf, corner or a whole room and spend a little time this week curating your fave ornaments, books, photos and of course, flowers! We've got you sorted with a wild selection of blooms this week! Star of the show are bright yellow pincushions, [...]

Spring Hygge – Rose, Sedge Grass, Privet and Eucalyptus

Hello beautiful! We're well into spring now, with blue skies treating us every day, and daylight savings stretching out our days with dreamy possibility. The concept of "hygge" which roughly translates as "cosy and comfortable" from Danish is often associated with getting snuggly by the fire winter, but we think it [...]