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In-Carnation - Modern tropical arrangement With Carnations, Molucca Balm, Alstroemeria, Umbrella Fern and Olive Leaf The last couple of years has meant re-inventing yourself, how you see your home life, your work life, your social life. What version of yourself are you vibing with at the moment? What incarnation [...]

Lotus Position

Lotus Position - Contemporary textured arrangement With WA Apple Banksia, Rudbeckia Echinacea, Alstroemeria, Lotus Pod You're no basic betty, and neither are this week's blooms. Life isn't uniform, it's a mish mash of ups and downs and side to sides. Work, family, keeping house, friends, creativity, nature! It's all [...]

So Fresh, So clean

So Fresh, So Clean - Modern White and Green Arrangement With Molluca balm, Snapdragons, Queen Anne's Lace, Alstroemeria and Viburnum Lush. Hands up if you've been channelling your inner Marie Kondo at your house this week?! Decluttering your space (keeping your local op shop stocked up!) is a legit [...]

Fools Rush In: with Lisianthus and Bulrush

Fools Rush In - Rustic Flower Arrangement with Lisianthus, Bulrush, Copper Glow and South Australian Daisies Lately we've been pining after a little rustic romance. Summer is generally a whirl of heat and juicy colour, pool inflatables and fluro cozzies. But now and then you crave the feel of cool [...]

Love Love Love: Siam Tulip arrangement

Love Love Love - Romantic Pink Arrangement with Siam Tulips, Alstroemeria, Leather Fern and Celosia Valentine's Day! Sweet, saccharine and in your face everywhere you turn at this time of the year. It's too easy to roll your eyes at the foil balloons, synthetic messages and plane loads of imported red roses. BUT... [...]


DARK ROMANCE Hello beauty! Sometimes, a little decadence goes a long, long way. We've been seduced by the deepest, reddest, lushest roses this week. They make us think of forbidden romance, love spells, and dark castles with lonely beasts. Garden roses are one of our all time faves. Morticia Addams would be [...]

Holy Smokes!

HOLY SMOKES! Hey little firecracker! We love love love getting rustic, especially in that classy, crisp way that you can with fresh white feature flowers.. With peonies in season, we're basically going nuts and putting them in every box that we can until they're gone and one of our favourite things about them [...]

LET IT GO: Alstromeria, Rose and Foliage arrangement

Aloha, friend. Ever feel like you're doing TWENTYTWOTHOUSANDTHINGS at once? And yet somehow, not quite kicking goals on all those thing you've got on the boil? Yes? We think multitasking is WAY overrated - in fact research shows that those that multitask are around 40% less productive that people who [...]

Flower Bomb – Gladioli, Anemone and Snapdragon arrangement

Cold weather getting you down? We hear ya. The last couple of months have seen us spending way too much time hibernating and pondering the fashion virtues of thermal underwear and/or double pairs of stockings. How we miss those hot summer nights and actually looking forward to being outside! But [...]