About Philomena Kwok

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

A Heady Romance – Paperwhites and Gymea leaf Arrangement

A Heady Romance - Fragrant Paperwhite Arrangement with Gymea leaves, Dusty Miller and Virburnum The name of this week’s box is inspired by the paper white flower and its origins! A Mediterranean native, it belongs to the Narcissus family (ah Narc, remember him? Totally in love with himself!) and has [...]

Autumnal Homage – Autumn inspired sunflower arrangement

Autumnal Homage - Autumn Inspired Sunflower Arrangement with Nandina, Magnolia and Tulips It’s getting a little bit nippy! In Melbourne, perhaps more than a little, where temperatures when we were up this morning picking and packing were ooooh, about 8 degrees! Seems fitting that this week's arrestingly autumnal homage coincides [...]

Merci Bouquet – Tulips and Lisianthus Arrangement

Merci Bouquet These flowers bear a striking resemblance to our Mums, no? Hear us out. We’ve got Dusty Miller - she might be grey, but her cheeks are soft enough to stroke! Lacey, silvery leaves, furry to the touch. Comforting. Just like her best hugs. Then we have Lisianthus, once [...]

Same same, but different

Same same, but different - Autumn Tulip Arrangement with Leucadendrons, Magnolia and Amaranthus After a terrible lot of same-ness over the last couple of years, do you have that feeling you might need to look at things with a different perspective? To untether yourself from what’s been (and been, [...]


Note from Tash - Due to COVID related staff shortages affecting flower supply, this week you'll find goldenrod (also known as solidaster) instead of yellow achillea in your boxes. Once in bloom the effect is similar and just as full of sunshine! Resolution Revolution! - Pineapple Lily Arrangement With [...]

Jingle Those Bells!

Jingle Those Bells - Christmas Themed Arrangement With White Lilies and Evergreen Foliage This year HAS been a little more on the "batman smells" side of things, but, hey. You made it! It's been a REAL mix of naughty and nice, hasn't it? Some truly frustrating, sad and scary moments, [...]

King of Hearts

Same same, but different! This week's box includes beautifully vibrant Spray Chrysanthemums and Sweet William. Following the same arranging method will produce similar arrangement but with more punch. King of Hearts - King Protea Arrangement With Korean Maple and Sweet William Magnificent, splendiferous, like a dragon's egg in flower [...]

Emu Dreaming

Emu Dreaming - Snapdragon Arrangement With Emu Grass and Freesias Do bird people sometimes leave you scratching your head? Tip toe-ing around with binoculars to observe our feathered friends isn't everyone's cup of tea... BUT. You have to admit that emus are pretty damn cool. These flightless giants are central [...]

Magenta Magic

Magenta Magic - Snapdragon Arrangement With Veronica, Alstroemeria and Umbrella Fern A dose of colour therapy might be just what you need right now. Without getting toooo hippy on the colour spectrum, chromotherapy studies point to the exposure to the colour purple being a stress buster, calming the mind, boosting [...]

How’s the serenity?

How’s the serenity? Pincushion Arrangement With Waxflower, Leucadendrons and Waxflower Escaping your well stomped ground and changing your scenery is fiiinally a reality! Whether salt water is your siren or you love to go blissfully bush, you know that nature resets you unlike anything else. The soundtrack of a breeze [...]