About Philomena Kwok

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

Bush meets the Beach – Gladioli and protea arrangement

Bush meets the Beach with Gladioli and Protea! Remember that classic Aussie children’s book Where The Forest Meets The Sea? Glorious collages of art and botanicals, usually ogled and covered in fingerprints at the library. This week’s blooms are inspired by that unexpected everything-in-focus-all-at-once aesthetic that’s so special, and uniquely [...]

At First Blush – Pink Ranunculus and Pieris Arrangement

At First Blush - Pink Ranunculus Arrangementwith Andromeda (Pieris) and Tea TreeFields are heeding the seasons and bursting into bloom, right on cue, and we’re so excited to get this first batch of true Spring blooms into your home. We’re pumping up the pink factor this week, with unbelievable local ranunculus, [...]

Spring Meadow – Spring Ranunculus Flower Arrangement

Spring Meadow - Spring Ranunculus Arrangement with Thryptomene and Freesias Can you feel a tinge of warmth in the air? The sun lingering after the day is done just that tiny bit longer? Spring is just around the corner – and we’re already starting to see colour and beauty creeping [...]

In Between – Flower styling between seasons

And so we've arrived at that weird time of the year, where Winter is not quite over and Spring is only just teasing us with tiny hints of colour in unexpected pockets. Cheeky yellow daffodils are popping up here and there, tiny buds are forming on the bare branches, and [...]

Moody Romantic – Stock, Waxflower and Eucalyptus arrangement

Moody Romantic - Pastel Stock Arrangement with Stock, Geraldton wax, Eucalyptus and Corokia It’s almost the weekend! Just a little longer until curling up with a book or movie is a perfectly acceptable way to spend a day. With that thought in mind this week’s flowers are JUST the thing [...]

Unexpected pairings – Leucadendron and Anthurium Arrangement

Expect the unexpected - Leucadendron Flower Arrangement with Anthurium, Statice (or Emile) and Eucalyptus How great it is when an unexpected combination surprises you, and just works? Like sea salt in chocolate. Or rough ceramics edged in gold. This week’s box is a taste of exactly that. It’s the Aussie [...]

Little Bit Fancy – Frilly Kale Arrangement

Little bit fancy - Frilly Kale Arrangement with Ornamental Kale, Myrtle, Chrysanthemums and Tea Tree Hope you’ve been wrapped up in your woolies and keeping warm this week! And to add a few cosy tones to your home as well we have a gorgeous purple hued bouquet for you. This [...]

And Breathe … Fragrant Stock and Paperwhites Arrangement

And Breathe... Fragrant Stock Arrangement with Stocks, Billy Buttons, Paperwhites and Acacia foliage This week we’re embracing the scent of winter with just-in-season paperwhites and stock - both scent heroes and some of our most highly requested flowers! Pile them simply into a vase and let their softly spicy fragrance [...]

Escape to the Country – Rustic Sunflower arrangement

Escape to the Country - Rustic Sunflower Arrangement with Sedge Grass, Grevillea and Queen Anne's Lace Craving a little country getaway? Well we’re bringing some rustling rustic beauty to your doorstep this week. Vibrant sunflowers bring a ray of sunshine into your home all on their own, but teamed up [...]

Same But Different – Leucadendron and Tulip Arrangement

Same But Different - Tulip and Leucadendron Flower Arrangement with "Snottygobble" Snoddy Grass greenery This week’s box features classic white winter tulips, toughened up with the unexpected edge of vibrant green leucadendrons. Both blooms have the same, well, tulip shaped flowers. But while one creates elegant arcs in a vase, [...]