About Philomena Kwok

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

RAIN & MIST – Fireworks inspired arrangement

RAIN & MIST - Fireworks inspired arrangement with Fern and Alstroemeria Well, hello there! Bring the outdoors indoors upon opening this week’s box, containing your very own slice of rainforest. Cool and refreshing, the soft fronds of the umbrella fern make for serious statement foliage, adding an instant touch of [...]

CARNIVAL QUEEN – Pineapple lily arrangement

CARNIVAL QUEEN - Pineapple lily arrangement with Pineapple Lilies, Carnations, Alstroemeria, Viburnum Ugh, January - the ‘Monday’ of the months. The holidays were SO last year, so we thought we’d whisk you away somewhere exotic this week with a fabulously fruity floral fiesta! If this box were a cocktail it would definitely [...]

’tis the Season! Christmas flowers two ways

Merry Everything! Christmas flowers two ways with mixed Australian Natives Time to kick back with some food, wine, friends and family. Whether you’re hosting your family gathering this year, having a rowdy one with friends or simply taking the opportunity to oscillate between the beach and the couch! We love [...]

Leaf ‘n Wreath – Modern Australian Christmas Wreath

Leaf 'n Wreath - Modern Australian Wreath with Eucalyptus and Australian native flowers December is sliding right into Christmas! And it's the best time of the year to indulge your creative side, and turn your thoughts to celebrating and welcoming friends and family into your home. There's no better way to do this [...]

A Burgundy Moment – Burgundy and Pink Peony Arrangement

A Burgundy Moment - Hot Pink Peony Flower Arrangement with Beech and Spray Carnations With so many holiday plans floating through the air (and in your brain!), it can be easy to whip through til Christmas without taking a breath. But at times like this, it’s more important than ever [...]

Summer Nights, with Peony, Hydrangea and Snapdragons

Summer Nights - Feminine tropical arrangement with Peonies, Hydrangea, Snapdragons and Viburnum Let the steamy cinch of summer wrap its arms around you ten days ahead of schedule with these glossy, tropical viburnum stems, sweetly scented hydrangeas, saucy lil’ snapdragons and hot pink peonies (here for a good time, not [...]

Wilde Romance – Pink Peony Arrangement

Wilde Romance - Pink Peony Arrangement with Peonies, Flowering Tea Tree and Everlasting Strawflowers! This box blooming adores you! Flowering tea tree, fresh eucalypt, delicate paper daisies and blush pink peonies embrace. So much more than just a colour - pink evokes a whole MOOD, its associations with love, kindness [...]

Tropical Queen – Peony and Alstroemeria Arrangement

Tropical Queen - Peony Arrangement with Alstroemeria and Gum This weeks box is blooming majestic! Rich red peonies, luscious alstroemeria and aromatic eucalyptus make an utterly bodacious jewel-toned dream that’s fit for a Queen (that’s you). This weekend, let these lush and juicy tropical treats inspire you to live the [...]

Wickedly Good – Halloween Flower Arrangement

Wickedly Good - Halloween Flower Arrangement with Daisy Chrysanthemums and Dried Wheat Happy official spooky week. It's Halloween! Time to bolt the windows, lock the doors and dive into your very own trick or treat inside this week's box. You may or may not agree with borrowing this North American [...]

Chin chin! Chincherinchee and Carnation Arrangement

Chin Chin! - Chincherincee Flower Arrangement with Carnations, Rice Flower, Leucadendrons and Olive foliage The star of this week’s box are new season chincherinchee. It’s easy to be underwhelmed by their rather asparagus-y looks, but watch and wait. These beauties bloom over a week or two to reveal amazing delicate [...]