About Philomena Kwok

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

Mamma Mia! Easy Peony Arrangement

Mamma Mia! - Easy Peony Arrangement with Olive and Emile Dreaming of an escape to a Greek island? A warm tickling breeze on your skin while you drink wine and watch the sunset over the olive groves? Cue collective sigh. With reality looking more like staycations for the foreseeable future [...]

Dreamtime – Waratah Flower Arrangement

Dreamtime - Waratah Flower Arrangement with Alstroemeria, Boronia and Emu grass The star of this week’s box is a true Aussie icon. ‘Waratah’ is an Aboriginal word from the Eora people, meaning ‘beautiful’ and it’s botanical name, Telopea comes from the Greek word ‘telepos’ which translates to ‘seen from a [...]

Unexpected pairings – Leucadendron and Anthurium Arrangement

Expect the unexpected - Leucadendron Flower Arrangement with Anthurium, Statice (or Emile) and Eucalyptus How great it is when an unexpected combination surprises you, and just works? Like sea salt in chocolate. Or rough ceramics edged in gold. This week’s box is a taste of exactly that. It’s the Aussie [...]


This week's box is an actual treasure chest of richly hued spring jewels. Plummy gladiolus, tall and stately snapdragons, royal blue iris, ruffled maroon stocks and chrysanthemums. It is a floral tribute fit for a Queen, and yes m’lady, that’s you! Now time for a little lockdown fun don’t you [...]

Keep Your Gin Up! – Snapdragon and Tulip Arrangement

Soft as Spring - Soft tulip and snapdragon arrangement with Eucalyptus and Woolly Bush! I don’t know if it's just the lockdown driving us to drink but these cherry red tulips, tall frosty snaps, spriggy woolly bush and aromatic eucalyptus have us dreaming of a delicious spritz! The days are [...]

SPRING, DO YOUR THING! – Rainbow Coloured Flower Arrangement

SPRING, DO YOUR THING! - Colourful Poppy Arrangement with Stock, Sweet Pea and Umbrella Fern Spring, do your thing!… which is to propel us ever closer to the end of the year, thanks! 2020 has kicked our butts with barely any reprieve since it began. Here we are now, ¾ [...]

Spring Tease – Spring Ranunculus Flower Arrangement

Spring Meadow - Spring Ranunculus Arrangement with Thryptomene and Freesias Can you feel a tinge of warmth in the air? The sun lingering after the day is done just that tiny bit longer? Spring is just around the corner – and we’re already starting to see colour and beauty creeping [...]

Moody Romantic – Stock, Waxflower and Eucalyptus arrangement

Moody Romantic - Pastel Stock Arrangement with Stock, Geraldton wax, Eucalyptus and Corokia It’s almost the weekend! Just a little longer until curling up with a book or movie is a perfectly acceptable way to spend a day. With that thought in mind this week’s flowers are JUST the thing [...]

GLOW WITH IT – Ranunculus Arrangement

At First Blush - Pink Ranunculus Arrangement with Andromeda (Pieris) and Tea Tree Is it just us or are these hot pink ranunculus (also known as Persian buttercups!) like a daintier, more compact peony? Their latin name is a portmanteau of ‘rana’ meaning ‘frog’ and ‘unculus’ meaning ‘little’… translating to [...]


Tulips, Proteas and Eucalyptus… a box of tough buggers if ever we saw one! You see, the sprawling beauty of tulips is often mistaken for weakness. To those who don’t know better, the droopy, bendy stems can appear nothing more than an inability to behave once popped into water. But [...]