About Philomena Kwok

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

Magenta Magic

Magenta Magic - Snapdragon Arrangement With Veronica, Alstroemeria and Umbrella Fern A dose of colour therapy might be just what you need right now. Without getting toooo hippy on the colour spectrum, chromotherapy studies point to the exposure to the colour purple being a stress buster, calming the mind, boosting [...]

How’s the serenity?

How’s the serenity? Pincushion Arrangement With Waxflower, Leucadendrons and Waxflower Escaping your well stomped ground and changing your scenery is fiiinally a reality! Whether salt water is your siren or you love to go blissfully bush, you know that nature resets you unlike anything else. The soundtrack of a breeze [...]

What does a peony smell like?

What does a peony smell like? One of the most common questions I get when it comes to peonies! What is their scent like? And of course, when I’m forever banging on about how beautifully fragrant they are..  Fragrance is one of those things that are notoriously difficult to describe. And not all peonies [...]

Ready to Van Gogh go!

Video update! Due to a COVID case at Tash's kid's school she was unable to film ahead of time but will instead share her unboxing live on social media later today. Meanwhile, here's a quick hands on arrangement style that will work well with the stems in your box! [...]


Ranuncu-fest! with Ranunculus and Spinning Gum Some say variety is the spice of life, but this week, we're celebrating the Power Of One with a box choc-full box of the most luxurious spring Ranunculus! Reminiscent of a Northern European meadow, but grown here (of course!), Ranunculus are that winning combo [...]

Solar Power

Solar Power! - Sunflower and Ivy Arrangement with Tulips and Flowering Wax Nature is a powerful thing. Whether that be diving into a cold sea, standing on top of a mountain, or simply soaking up a bit of sun and fresh air on the balcony, there's nothing quite like surrendering [...]

Merry Cherry

Merry Cherry! - Rosy Pink Arrangement with Alstroemeria and Boronia If you’re anything like us, you know KNOW that most things are at their best when they’ve taken on a rosy hue. Milkshakes, crystals, skies, even birds! So this week we thought, why hold back? Why restrain ourselves, when we [...]

Thinking Inside The Box – Lisianthus and Snapdragon Arrangement

Thinking Inside the Box! - Lisianthus and Snapdragon Arrangement with Ivy Berry and Wax Flower This one’s a breath of fresh air for our friends in lockdown this week! Sometimes thinking outside the box is a frustrating impossibility, so this week we’re thinking inside the box with a modern, fresh, [...]

Lady of the Night

It's a special edition of "Backyard Blooms" as we film our tutorials in lockdown this week! Lady Of The Night - Waratah Arrangement with Stocks, Tulips and After Dark The nights are getting just a teensy bit balmier, we're staying out of bed just a smidge later, and this [...]

Silver Serenity

It's a special edition of "Backyard Blooms" as we film our tutorials in lockdown this week! Silver Serenity - Arum Lily Arrangement with Umbrella Fern, Gum and Carnations We could all do with a bit of extra serenity in our lives at the moment. Sometimes, in the overwhelm, we [...]