About Philomena Kwok

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

Merry Cherry

Merry Cherry! - Rosy Pink Arrangement with Alstroemeria and Boronia If you’re anything like us, you know KNOW that most things are at their best when they’ve taken on a rosy hue. Milkshakes, crystals, skies, even birds! So this week we thought, why hold back? Why restrain ourselves, when we [...]

Thinking Inside The Box – Lisianthus and Snapdragon Arrangement

Thinking Inside the Box! - Lisianthus and Snapdragon Arrangement with Ivy Berry and Wax Flower This one’s a breath of fresh air for our friends in lockdown this week! Sometimes thinking outside the box is a frustrating impossibility, so this week we’re thinking inside the box with a modern, fresh, [...]

Lady of the Night

It's a special edition of "Backyard Blooms" as we film our tutorials in lockdown this week! Lady Of The Night - Waratah Arrangement with Stocks, Tulips and After Dark The nights are getting just a teensy bit balmier, we're staying out of bed just a smidge later, and this [...]

Silver Serenity

It's a special edition of "Backyard Blooms" as we film our tutorials in lockdown this week! Silver Serenity - Arum Lily Arrangement with Umbrella Fern, Gum and Carnations We could all do with a bit of extra serenity in our lives at the moment. Sometimes, in the overwhelm, we [...]

Enchanted Forest – Carnation and Stocks Arrangement

It's a special edition of "Backyard Blooms" as we film our tutorials in lockdown this week! Enchanted Forest - Stocks and Jasmine Arrangement with Carnations and Magnolia What sorcery is this?! We could all use an extra sprinkling of magic in our lives, so this week, we've brought the [...]

The thing about Spring! – Snapdragon and Freesia Arrangement

The thing about Spring! - Snapdragon and Freesia Arrangement with Thryptomene and Ranunculus It's been a LONG winter, in so many ways. A change in the season is just what we need right about now. We're talking longer days, lots of green and blooms popping up all around, making your [...]

Coming in Red Hot – Red ranunculus and tulip arrangement

Coming In Hot - Red Ranunculus and Tulip Arrangement with Nandina and Emile Get ready to pull over and let this red hot beauty of an arrangement speed by and add some racy brightness into your home this week! Just like the cheeky red lippie (or knickers) you might pop on [...]

Just Breathe – Gladioli and Stocks Arrangement

Just Breathe - Gladioli and Stocks arrangement with Freesias and Flowering Wax It's been a looong winter. Heck, it's been a long almost-two-years! You couldn't be blamed for feeling like you have more in common with a slug than your usual vibrant self. It's a curious mix of always-on-the-edge anxiety and [...]

Sleeping Beauty – Tulip and Blossom Arrangement

Sleeping Beauty - Blossom and Tulip Arrangement with Chrysanthemums and Eriostomen By far the most scrumptious reminder that Spring is around the corner is seeing bare branches push out unassuming little buds and bursting into blossom. After a cold, hard winter taking the time to rest and build our energy stores [...]

May Contain Nuts – Banksia and Gumnut Arrangement

May Contain Nuts - Banksia and Gumnut Arrangment with Phylica and Spinning Gum No matter how much you appreciate your alone time, sleep ins, bingeing on Netflix, we’re all left craving right now. For time with loved ones, a change of scenery, chats with strangers, or just a hug! With so [...]