About Philomena Kwok

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

Moody Romantic – Stock, Waxflower and Eucalyptus arrangement

Moody Romantic - Pastel Stock Arrangement with Stock, Geraldton wax, Eucalyptus and Corokia It’s almost the weekend! Just a little longer until curling up with a book or movie is a perfectly acceptable way to spend a day. With that thought in mind this week’s flowers are JUST the thing [...]

GLOW WITH IT – Ranunculus Arrangement

At First Blush - Pink Ranunculus Arrangement with Andromeda (Pieris) and Tea Tree Is it just us or are these hot pink ranunculus (also known as Persian buttercups!) like a daintier, more compact peony? Their latin name is a portmanteau of ‘rana’ meaning ‘frog’ and ‘unculus’ meaning ‘little’… translating to [...]


Tulips, Proteas and Eucalyptus… a box of tough buggers if ever we saw one! You see, the sprawling beauty of tulips is often mistaken for weakness. To those who don’t know better, the droopy, bendy stems can appear nothing more than an inability to behave once popped into water. But [...]

Oh Snap!

Yes to Love - Winter Snapdragon Arrangement with Calendula and Daffodils Snapdragon isn’t just a cute and quirky name guys! It’s a reference to its appearance, which is resemblant of a dragon's mouth opening and closing when the sides of the blooms are gently squeezed… go on, try it! There [...]

Hello Sunshine!

Hello Sunshine! - Sunflower Arrangement with Gum, Statice and Wattle Has winter got you craving a little getaway from everyday life? Well we’re bringing some rustling rustic beauty to your doorstep this week. Vibrant sunflowers bring a ray of sunshine into your home all on their own, but teamed up [...]

Blossom and Bloom

Blossom and Bloom with Lilies, Thryptomene and Alstroemeria Everybody knows that getting a big ol’ bunch of flowers brings all the warm fuzzies. Flowers spark joy, it’s simple. But did you know that the act of arranging them is so emotionally beneficial it has been likened to therapy? Amongst all [...]


Bon Voyage - Staycation inspired arrangement with Iris and Anthurium Mid year brings with it the perfect storm of decidedly subpar weather, shorter, darker days and holidays now long gone. A little touch of the seasonal blues is the reason many of us may be feeling less than enthused, and [...]

MAKE YOUR OWN MAGIC – Winter Poppy Arrangement

Make Your Own Magic - Winter Poppy Arrangement with Freesias, Corokia and Statice Unleash your inner magic this week with these witchy and mysterious blooms. There is nothing as enchanting as watching delicate petals gradually unfurl, revealing the beauty and charm within. We too are budding blooms! Growing and changing [...]


Supporting local. This week we’re celebrating home grown beauty with a rustic mix of seasonal, native and wildflowers. Australia truly is the lucky country, with its diverse range of climates and landscapes allowing us to have access to stunning florals year round, while supporting our local growers. These statuesque yellow [...]

No Rain, No Flowers

No Rain No Flowers - Erlicheer Arrangement with Asters, Statice and Balm This week's box is sunshine through the storm, arriving just in time to brighten your home before the wet and dreary weekend weather is upon us! Can’t begrudge a few showers though, as after all… no rain, no [...]