Sometimes things take time to bloom. Introducing the new Bloombox Co.

A few years ago, Mel and I started Bloombox Co on a “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if…?” light bulb moment. We brainstormed over copious cups of tea and slabs of banana bread. Woke up again and again at 4AM to scour the flower markets before work to understand this very “old worldy” world of cut flowers. Our first office was unashamedly the boot of Mel’s car, plus anywhere we could find a big enough car park to pack boxes to bursting with beautiful flowers.

And we soul searched like hippies, turning our mission over and over in our minds, defining what we were about, what we wanted to build, and how we wanted to make a difference. And in the end, it was our community and our customers who told us what it was really all about. That moment when, despite the long day you’ve had, or the challenges you’ve faced, that someone knocks at the door with a beautiful box of flowers. That moment when you unwrap the paper and breath in a delicate fragrance, or discover a flower you’ve never seen before. And that you can enjoy it with a guilt free conscience because you know that you’re filling your home with ethically grown, locally sourced flowers.

The more we thought about it, the simpler it became. It was nothing more or less than good vibes and great flowers.

So after years of scrapping things together on a shoestring, it was finally time to invest in the brand and mission that I’m SO damn excited to reveal to you now. Because at the core it’s so much more than anything Mel or I could have magicked up.

Bloombox Co Rebrand


Good Vibes

Pursuing joy on a daily basis, encouraging creativity and supporting local growers is at the core of all we do. Something that has until now been missing from our branding and message. So to represent these values, we are rolling out vibrant new branding, with a Australian twist. It’s a mishmash of modern Australian botanical art, accented with iconography that pays homage to the growers who make having beautiful flowers possible. Our logo has grown up with us, and has been refined to give a subtle nod to our agricultural roots.


Great Flowers

As part of our new brand, we’re excited to finally reveal the signature packaging we have been working on for some time. As much as we have loved our old handwritten boxes, that virgin white paper had to go!

Made from light recycled cardboard, our new box has been designed to get your flowers to you in peak condition, allowing them room to breathe, and is now long enough so you can enjoy dramatic long stemmed botanicals when they’re in season. Our new boxes can also stand upright, keeping your blooms off hot surfaces, while they wait for you to get to them.

Our new boxes are accented with new recycled packaging, and we’ve now reduced plastic to the absolute minimum.

And, as always, we are working hard to source the flowers you love from Aussie growers. This means we are collecting more and more feedback from you to learn about what you love and what you don’t.


bloombox co joey vase

The Miracle Vase

For years we have followed a BYO vase line, because everyone has their own style after all. Milk jug? Baked bean can? Hollowed out pineapple? Anything goes!

However, we are now also offering a matching vase – The Joey – which is perfectly sized for our flower subscriptions. We dub this vase the miracle vase, because everything always looks gorgeous in it, no matter how you place your flowers. Its proportions and narrow neck mean you always get the perfect amount of lean and volume – allowing for no fail arrangements every time. Don’t forget to add yours to your next order!


gift kit

Gifting is the new black

Despite our earlier hard line against “waiting for a man to buy you flowers”, we have realised that sending flowers is a beautiful way to show love. While we still don’t think you should wait for a man to buy you flowers, we also know that being able to surprise someone you love with flowers on a regular basis is a beautiful thing and we’ve now made it easier to do just that.

While our war on waste model dictates that we operate very differently to an “on demand” florist, you can now easily sign up for a gift subscription for your Mum, Grandma, lover or bestie, as easily as you might buy them a magazine subscription. Making it easy for you to delight a loved one again (and again).




The New Bloombox Co

We are putting significant resources towards making the Bloombox Co experience an amazing one. Part of this is making the online experience easy and more enjoyable. Signing up for a subscription is now a straightforward affair, and we are collecting your preferences along the way, so that we can make sure you receive flowers you love.

We’ve also made it easier to manage your subscription online. You can now skip your next renewal – handy if you’re going on holidays – and you can even subscribe on behalf of other multiple recipients, like your Mum! Because some gift recipients can have aversion to doing everything online, you can now manage their gift subscriptions on their behalf, if you need to.

There are more (BIG!) changes in the works, that I’ll reveal to you soon. And as always, I look forward to sharing that each step in this flower filled journey with you. – Phil



About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.