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Bloombox Co Help Center

Peruse our Frequently Asked Questions for the answers to all of your delivery and billing questions and more!

Subscription – General Questions

BLOOMBOX CO delivers fresh seasonal flowers and foliage, matched with easy to follow instructions, so you can make beautiful flower arrangements in your own home.

For ongoing subscriptions you will be charged for your first delivery, and then each Sunday  prior to your next delivery. Prepaid subscriptions are charged up front (with a nice discount to say thanks).

Managing your account is as easy as pie. Log in with your username and make changes to your subscription like updating your address or payment details, change your frequency (for ongoing subscribers) holiday pauses on your deliveries, or cancel your subscription (there will be shock and disbelief, but no hard feelings).

To guarantee the best flowers (and reduce wastage) we need a little time to plan ahead. This is why we ask you to let us know of any changes by the Sunday prior to your next delivery (midnight to be exact).

Your BLOOMBOX CO flowers arrive bunched by variety, ready for you to DIY. Each box will generally include:

  • a feature flower (read: the Beyonce of the box) – could be a lush waratah or fat roses
  • 1-3 filler flowers – smaller flowers like lisianthus, geraldton wax or daisies
  • 1-2 foliages/botanicals – could be tropical monstera leaves or passionfruit vine
  • a weekly theme
  • list of the flowers included in your box
  • a couple of sachets of flower food
  • love letter
  • link to the matched video tutorial
  • occasional surprise gifts like this Channing Tatum on a stick. There are no: ready made arrangements, ugly ribbons, coloured cello wrap, gerberas (unless you want to buy them for your ex here), puppies (… yet), or boring flowers. But really, the proof is in the pudding (and we love pudding!). So hop on over and check out our past boxes here, then get ready to jump, feet first, into your own floral adventure.
How we pick flowers for your BLOOMBOX CO box:

  • We only work with local suppliers and growers – who are usually family-run and generations old
  • We use as few imported flowers as possible
  •  We work with the seasons – so we support growers and you get 3-8 bunches of what’s best right now
  • We cut out the bits you don’t value when arranging your own flowers (the fancy wrapping, ribbons and cards). Nothing comes pre-arranged
  • We focus on making sure you discover new flowers, botanicals and combinations with each delivery, as well as receive a healthy share of your old favourites
  • We’ll include a note to tell you what flowers are in the box. You can also jump online and peek into this week’s box – complete with information about caring for and styling your blooms
Because we pack and ship your flowers sometimes within hours of them being cut, your flowers avoid idle shelf time and will last longer than store bought blooms. We provide florist quality flowers and only the best of what is available.

Your flowers are carefully selected to last over a number of days. Some will bloom fast and early. Others will take longer to bloom and will keep blooming for longer. It’s a beautiful evolution.

For more info, jump online and learn about each flower in your box.

We pack your BLOOMBOX CO box tightly to ensure maximum delight! We do however protect each bunch and bud and optimise the quantity to reduce movement and friction during the delivery process. At times your blooms may look a little squashed but they will plump our and bloom once given a fresh drink and room to stretch.
We do our very best to ensure your flowers get to you in the very best condition. If there is anything you are unhappy with, please contact us with in 24 hours of receiving your delivery and we will do our best to remedy this for you.
We can definitely try to accommodate any known allergies you may have by leaving the offending flowers out and replace them with another.

However, if you have a life threateningly serious allergy, please contact us to discuss directly. If we think it may not be possible to keep your blooms 100% allergy free we may reserve the right to decline your order on your behalf – but we will do our best.

We do our best to make you fall in love with every BLOOMBOX CO delivery. If there is something you are allergic to, or are seriously aesthetically offended by (within reason), we will do our best to accommodate. Just make a note of it in the special instructions within My Account.
Dogs and cats are commonly allergic to certain sorts of flora. For instance both the flowers and leaves of lilies are highly toxic to cats. If you do have pet please let us know and we will ensure your box is catered for.
A few standard tools are usually used in our weekly tutorials but not included in each BLOOMBOX CO box, including:

  • a vase (we also advocate using jars, bottles, teapots or any other vessel you have around the house)
  • scissors or shears
  • rubber bands or twine

If the week’s tutorial requires the use of something specific, like floral wire or tape, we’ll include it in the box. Otherwise, we have a selection of floral arranging supplies available in our online store.

Shipping & Delivery

If you have signed up for a subscription you’ll receive your delivery on the following Thursday after your initial sign up, and at regular intervals as selected in your checkout process.

For deliveries of single bunches and limited edition boxes, we are currently delivering on Thursdays also, but may be able to accomodate to special requests. If you’d like to discuss this with us, email us at hello@bloomboxco.com.

We currently deliver on Thursdays only, to ensure that you have fresh, beautiful blooms for the weekend and some “me time” to play with them. This also means you can enjoy them over the weekend and then take a few in to work to brighten your desk the next week.

A delivery update is automatically pinged to the email address and mobile number you provide when you sign up. You can also contact us by email at hello@bloomboxco.com.au and we’ll be able to provide you with a delivery update if you need one!

If you live within our delivery bounds, shipping is free on all subscription and limited edition box orders. Shipping will otherwise be specified at checkout.

To keep our quality at it’s highest, we currently ship only to specified delivery areas. Check whether we deliver to you here!
Currently we only ship to certain cities within Australia.

We currently deliver our subscription deliveries in Sydney and Melbourne before hours on Thursday morning! That way you can bring your flowers in from the sun and pop them into water, or leave them until you’re ready to arrange them.

Your flowers will be delivered to you in an recyclable box designed to protect your flowers from heat, wind and pollution. Your flowers can safely wait for you for up to 12 hours. The more specific your delivery instructions for our drivers (e.g. leave by the side gate behind the large pot plant), the better!

If you cannot find your delivery, please send us an email and we will investigate for you.
If you are not likely to be home during business hours, we do recommend having your delivery sent to your workplace, or a place someone will be able to receive your delivery.

If this is not possible your box can be left at your doorstep to await your return. If you have any special delivery instructions for your delivery man (such as leave my box on the balcony / behind the side gate etc) please include them in the checkout process, or under My Account.

Subscription – Managing My Account

From the bloomboxco.com homepage, click the Log In link in the top right corner of the page, and enter your username and password.
You can easily change your address once you log in under My Account. Please ensure your address is changed by the Sunday before your next delivery. If you have missed this cut off, please email us and we’ll fix this for you!
You sure can! Under My Account, you can pause and restart your delivery whenever you need to.

Even better, we encourage our subscribers to send their box to someone in their place while they are away – a friend, a neighbour, or your mum. If you’d like to do this, just let us know before the Sunday cutoff before your next delivery.

You can skip a delivery or cancel at any time by logging into My Account. The cut off is at midnight on the Sunday prior to your next delivery.
If your delivery comes after the day it is meant to arrive and is not in good condition, please contact us at hello@bloomboxco.com and we’ll work with you to make it right.
You can cancel an ongoing subscription at any time (there will be shock and disbelief, but no hard feelings)! Simply log into My Account to cancel.

Note, you must cancel by the Sunday cutoff before your next delivery, otherwise the scheduled delivery can’t be changed or cancelled.

Gift Subscriptions

We offer Gift Subscriptions for this very purpose! You can send a 3, 6 or 12 month (or even a one-off!) Gift Subscription by going here.

Once you select and purchase your subscription, you can opt to send the gift certificate directly to your recipient, or email it to yourself to gift in person.

When you purchase a gift subscription you can opt to immediately notify your recipient by email. This email allows your recipient to set up their own account, and manage their own deliveries. The lucky duck!

If you’d not to spoil the surprise, or are midnight shopping and would prefer not to send an email in the witching hour, you can leave it the recipient email blank and your first flower delivery will arrive with your gift message inside.

If you’re ordering a gift subscription, you can choose any of the next 4 available Thursday delivery dates. If that doesn’t work for you, we can simply tweak the starting date for you. Please get in touch before you make an order so we can look out for it.

 If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, you can reach us here.