Are you feeling a bit ‘blah’? You’re not alone.

You may have heard about ‘languishing’ – the ruling emotion of 2021. Most parts COVID fatigue, stirred with a dash of mid-year slump and sprinkled with a touch of Winter’s chill.

It’s like a truly average halfway house slap bang in the middle of a sliding scale between ‘good’ and ‘bad’. You’re not exactly depressed, but you wouldn’t say you were happy. A rather dull little emotion, it’s weary, apathetic… to put it succinctly: it’s ‘meh’.

Overcome the Lockdown Meh

‘Meh’ sucks. ‘Meh’ can’t get anything done because it doesn’t even know where to start. ‘Meh’ is a brain fog, a feeling of overwhelm at simple tasks, whilst being underwhelmed at yourself for not completing them. It’s a tough one to pull yourself out of, but you’re basically looking at the Queen of ‘meh’. I’ve been there, done that, and if it wasn’t so ‘meh’ I probably would have gotten the t-shirt!

There are simple, achievable things you can do each day that provide instant benefits and long term satisfaction. A couple of little hacks here and there that overall will make you feel happier, less like a slug, and more like you’ve (kinda) got your s**t together!

Here are 6 tried, tested, wholeheartedly endorsed ways that you can get a clearer mind.

girl drinking water

Drink more water!

Yah, I know, you’ve heard it a hundred times before, but seriously! Go skull a big bottle of H20 and I guarantee you’ll start to think a bit straighter. If I start to feel fuggy, like I’m losing my concentration, a bit tired, crappy, just not v. sparkly… dehydration is usually to blame. Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between poor water intake and mood disturbances. So drink until your pee is clear, then drink some more. If you need any more convincing, it’s great for glowly, plump skin, too!

Implement simple systems to ensure your house stays (relatively) clutter free!

I know this is easier said than done – domestic chores are suuuuch a bore, and if you’ve got kids even your best efforts can feel like p*ssing into the wind. But no-one can live their best life surrounded by chaos. It’s far easier to start this process with a solid foundation (clean tidy home!) which you can then easily maintain, so either dedicate a day to blasting gangster rap and getting it done, OR if you’re a millionaire, book a one-off cleaner!
Once you’ve got a nice clean slate to start from it’s easy. I personally keep what I like to call a “f**kit bucket” in each room of the house. At the end of the day, anything that does *not* belong in that room goes into the bucket. I wake up to a tidy apartment, and I can deal with the bucket’s contents once caffeinated the next morning!

Eat regularly!

Am I starting to sound like your Mum yet? Seriously though – your brain and body is like a car, it needs fuel in the tank otherwise it won’t run! I’m a notorious breakfast skipper – haaaate breakfast. A coffee is about all the breakfast * I think* I need. But on the days where I force myself to eat a piece of toast or I finish off my kids porridge or scrambled eggs I have a MUCH better day! Same goes for when I follow it up with lunch.. Then dinner! Crazy, right? Keeping yourself topped up with nutritious food and snacks (even the more indulgent snacks – remember there’s no bad food) is the way to go for energy, mental clarity and productivity!

freshly made bed with white sheets

Get some fresh air… and make your damn bed!

First thing I do in the morning (like some sort of budget Mary Poppins) is rip back the covers on all the beds, and open all the windows, even when it’s freezing! I then potter around making my kids breakfast, and while they’re eating I head back into the bedrooms and make each bed once they’re all fresh and aired out! I find that having an inviting looking bed means I actually go to bed earlier!! When they look all nice and neat their call is much harder to resist in the evening and I end up getting more, better quality sleep! Yasss.

Do something you enjoy every day…

a face mask, a glass of wine, a bath, an episode of trash, a few mins with a good book, caramilk, yoga, a walk, pat some dogs, paint your nails, light a smelly candle, buy a new lipstick, try out a recipe, wear your fave shoes even just to do laundry, take a nap, repot a plant, make a proper pot of tea, eat some cured meats, call your sister, do your hair, make a list (I like lists, ok?) play your fave album, mainline ice cream, dance to prince, organize your pantry… what you’re into, do it! One little thing, every single day. Gotta treat yourself right!

Girl with pink flower

Get back to basics, ground yourself and become one with the beauty of nature!

ook it’s not as uncool as it sounds, okay? THERE IS ACTUAL SCIENCE AND STUFF which PROVES that being around plants and flowers is exponentially beneficial for our mental health. In fact, ‘floral therapy’ is a thing, and many nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and cancer hospitals have short floristry classes on offer to aid in holistic healing, emotional wellbeing and recovery. Studies have shown that even something as simple as artfully arranging flowers floods your brain with happy chemicals that instantly boost your mood, promote relaxation, aid memory and recall, encourage positive social interactions and awaken creativity!

So what are you waiting for? Turn that mid year frown upside down with these small steps towards big, happy strides!

And if you’d like some blooms to help crack an attack of the ‘meh’, you can do that here.

Brighten your lockdown with flowers

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