Feng Shui – what is it exactly? Stretching right back to ancient China, Feng Shui is a method of harmonizing people with the surrounding environment and the works to harness the energy, Qi (pronounced ‘Chi’) that flow within the universe, humanity and earth.

Before you click away because you think I’m about to start chanting, let’s just take a second to think about what this actually means. In my mind, Feng Shui is the process of moving stuff around in your house so it feels nice to be there and you get good vibes. Not so freaky. Think about the last time you did a massive clean up ala Marie Kondo or rearranged your living space – it felt good, right? And no doubt you felt more calm, focused and productive.

Well, happy days! You can do the same thing with flowers! Not only are your blooms creating good energy simply by being a beautiful visual addition to your home, they can serve a purpose too. Whether you want to be more intentional with your BLOOMBOX CO subscription DIY flowers or you simply need a little guidance on what to put on your desk at work, here are our top 4 tips of how to bring good vibes into your space with flowers.

Let’s start with where you should be placing your blooms for the best results. This here below is a Bagua Map for Feng Shui – it’s a simple grid that you can use as a guide. This guide can be applied to an entire living space, or if you want to bring a little Feng Shui into your workplace, you can divide up your desk in the same way. As you can see, there are sections of the grid which correspond with the area of life that you feel needs for focus or harmony.


Now that we know where to put them, lets get to know what needs to go where. Fresh flowers are always the best choice, and super sad flowers can stop the good vibes all together!  If you’re a BLOOMBOX CO subscriber you’re already set. If you don’t always have access to fresh flowers, you can substitute with floral photography, paintings or objects with a flowery design. If you are using fresh blooms then make sure you take care of them so they stay fresh for longer – changing the water and trimming away dead leaves or petals will do the trick.


Peonies are the key to drawing exciting romance into your life. Peonies should be kept in the bedroom for maximum effect – our theory is that Peonies just makes everyone feel sexy, so whether you’re single and looking or in a relationship already, peony power is bound to get your mojo flowing. If you want long lasting love, stick to soft pinks, but if you’re after something a little more carnal, red is where it’s at. Red peonies are a symbol for lust – so apparently it’s not a great idea to keep them in the bedroom of long married couples lest one of them end up on the prowl for a younger model.

Put peonies in the top right section of your home or room to get loved up, or if you’re crushing on a co-worker pop a peony in a vase in the corner on your desk. We’ll let you choose which colour, you cheeky thang.

peonies for feng shui



Orchids are what to put your feng shui focus on if your career has seen better days or if you’re stuck wondering what to be when you grow up. No surprises here – orchids exude super sophistication and instantly lift the level of any space. You want to be placing orchids in the living room to bring good fortune to the whole household, and on your desk at work in the top right corner. In particular, jonquils or narcissus are great for this – and they smell amazing!

Front and center is where these babies need to be, according to the rules of Feng Shui. Obviously that’s a little hard on a desk, but you can get around it by placing a pretty image or sticker of an orchid on your desk instead.

Blue Orchids Sydney Blue Orchids Feng Shui DIY Flowers


Lotus flowers are not only used medicinally in Chinese culture, they’re also placed in the home to encourage good health – particularly fertility. Do to their blossoming above muddy waters, they symbolise enlightenment, rising above worldly problems and perfection.

To get the wellbeing juices flowing, place these pretties at the centre of your home or workspace.



Cha-ching! Chrysanthemums in the home will attract wealth and bring prosperity. These many petaled beauties will bring the good vibes of abundance, balance and ease – combine them with orchids for the ultimate career and money superpower! They’re great for good luck in general, and to get extra lucky go for yellow.

Top left is where these fluffy babies need to sit in order to get the dollars flowing your way, and don’t forget to put some on your desk when you’re going to ask for a payrise!


Credit: The Eye Spy Milk Bar

Credit: The Eye Spy Milk Bar


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