Aloha flower fiends! Thought we’d throw some tropical vibes your way with this tutorial, and the result is enough to make you throw on a grass skirt and hula your way down to the nearest tiki bar. It doesn’t get much cuter than a baby pineapple and we’ve been seeing these around quite a bit lately so we have been dying for a chance to try our hand at a pineapple friendly arrangement. As usual, it’s easy as, and looks even more amazing thanks to the Ueshmama Washable Metallic Paper Bag that we had on hand. If you’ve not seen these before you need to get yourself acquainted. There’s just something about them – they’re crinkly but durable but papery but envirobag-ey and all up look and feel amazing. You can do this arrangement without a bag of course – any vase with a wide enough mouth that will let your pretties lean to one side a little will give you the effect you’re after.

Estimated time: 10min You’ll need:

  • A selection of bright, punchy blooms – we went for hot pink carnations and juicy red and orange poppies
  • A mini pineapple
  • Twine
  • A wide-ish mouthed vase
  • Optional – a Uashmama Washable Metallic Paper Bag

How to arrange: Choose your blooms Arrange them in your hand. Make sure to place in them in different heights rather than all at one level. Tie with the twine Measure against your vase height and chop the stems a the same level Place vase within the bag, and flowers in the vase. Give them a bit of a gangsta lean and position the pineapple to face out


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