If you’ve ever looked at those rectangular vases and thought “love the vase, but what do I do with it?” then we’ve got you sorted. It’s actually super easy (and we love easy like a french bulldog loves snorting). All you need is a decent variety of blooms and foliage to get that ‘tumbling over the edges’ effect, coupled with a few sneaky tricks and your easy arrangement will be looking a million.

Estimated time: 15 min

You will need:

Rectangular vase (like this one)

Flower shears or chunky scissors

Sticky tape – anything clear and not too wide will do

Flower food if you have some

Flowers! We used white roses, sea holly and privet berries.

How to arrange:

Add flower food to half a liter of water

Use lengths of sticky tape to create a grid over the top of your vase

Cut all of your flowers and foliage to around the same length

Begin to add pieces at an angle by pushing through the holes of the grid (we started out with privet berries)

Add your feature flowers (we used white roses)

Then fillers (we used sea holly, brides and green trick carnations)


Here’s where you can get a similar rectangle vase, and flower shears.


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