Organising and decorating your desk is an essential part of your day, especially if you’re anything like me and are at your desk for 10 hours plus a day. Your desk should motivate you, keep you inspired and have everything you need to get you through the day at arms reach.

A positive work space can boost your mindset. It needn’t cost you a fortune either and while I find these pictures inspirational and aspirational, there are a few things you can do on the cheap that can give your desk a new lease on life.

1) Treat yourself to weekly or fortnightly flowers

I find that adding a natural element to my corporate office space softens my surrounds. I often grab a $10 bunch from the flower stand outside my office. Nothing too fancy, but I feel like for $2 a day the flowers completely lift my mood!

Image 3

Image 5

2) Desk Planner

A great desk planner can focus you and also double as a mouse pad (we are currently stocking a great selection in our online store – details below). I always have a running list of desk to do’s on my desk planner.

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Desk planners

3) Desk Tray

The easiest way to eliminate piles of bits and pieces (i.e. mess) is to whack it all in a tray. Trays keep those miscellaneous but oh-so-necessary desk items looking tidy but still accessible – paperclips, notebooks, stationery, makeup! We also stock some gorgeous trays, starting from $39.95.

Desk tray Desk tray

4) Moodboard

If you don’t want to add anything more to your desk, consider something for your walls. A moodboard can be a great way to keep you inspired. Think about pinning pictures of things and holidays you might be working towards. Best of all, a moodboard is basically free if your work place has a colour printer right!?



5) Art

A lovely or inspiring piece of art work can add personality to your work space while still keeping your desk looking professional. If you are restricted on space, even a small frame can be a nice touch. Prints are hot at the moment and you can get your hands on a limited edition print from $50.00. A few of my favourites and ones worth checking out are Made by Girl, The Minimalist, Laura Blythman.

Artwork for your desk

Image 13


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