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“So what the heck do we do now?” we hear you cry. Following the response to our expose of the most popular botanicals and flowers that can be toxic to your furry friends, we thought we’d put together a list of the flowers that are pet safe AND totally gorgeous. We’re not talking gerberas here – although yes, in answer to that question, they are safe to have around your pets.

Super stylin’ pet safe blooms



Thank goodness for roses! These easy-to-get bloom is super classic and ultra girly and is a safe, gorgeous gift for pet owners if you don’t count the thorns. Hey, we said pet safe not human safe! Available in hundreds of varieties from tiny spray roses, to chubby bombastic or David Austens, garden roses or classic long stemmed beauties – you’ll never be stuck for choice.


These showy tropical babes make for a super luxe, crowd pleasing arrangement and can be dressed up or down. Available in every tropical shade under the sun, from tiny “dancing ladies” to Singapore orchids to giant showy Cymbidiums.



Astros are by far our favourite cat and dog safe blooms. These lush tropical blooms come in the most amazing colours and are super sexy poking out of a jungly arrangement or in a simple sparse arrangement on their own


Long, blossomy stems of pet-safe heaven! These range from white to yellows, pinks, purples and all the way to almost-black burgundy. Super elegant en masse and spilling in all directions.



These country chic blooms are the perfect pet safe substitute for daisies and are super cute layered with easter daisies and


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These bright, rustic beauties make the perfect summery arrangement for your windowsill or bedside table.


Pile these golden country beauties into rustic glass jars or bunch together with bright alstro and zinias for bright rustic posies.


The answer could be as easy as keeping your blooms out of reach! Image from omgpuppies.


These totally unusual blooms are available in a feathery flame shape or in the classic dense coral frills. They are incredible bunched on their own in plan porcelain, or add a seriously edge to any of your floral styling.



These epic blue blossoms are wildflower perfection and are gorgeous popping out gardeny, trailing arrangements.



Don’t confuse these cute country blooms for gerberas! Layer different colours of zinnias with asters and feathery for roadside chic.



Fresh lavender is totally pet safe but keep them away from concentrated lavender oils. Team these fragrant beauties with creamy luxe David Austens and stems of rosemary in twine wrapped bud vases for mini French provincial arrangements.

Easter Daisies

We love Easter Daisies just on their own in glass milk bottles or twisted together into delicate flower crowns.


A little bit of Nanna and WHOLE lot of gorgeousness. These often overlooked blossoms with their deep glossy leaves are beautiful on their own in a cut crystal vase or recycled candle jars.


Who wants to eat tulips anyway. Image via rokuthecat.

It’s all about having options! Just a a gluten-free, dairy-free brownie can be totally delicious, so too can a pet safe flower arrangement. And if you just can’t handle not having vases of hyacinths, tulips and lilies around, just make sure they’re in an area your pets can’t get to, or use sneaky measures like putting double sided tape or sticky paws strips around where you keep your blooms.

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Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

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