An update from Mel and Phil at Bloombox Co

That gnawing sense of guilt when we look at our inbox…

Knowing in the back of our minds that it’s been literally MONTHS since we’ve updated you last. But we promise, we’ve got our reasons. There have been so many stomach flipping happenings in the world of BB lately. We’ve been running between photoshoots, interstate travel, meeting with growers and other flower-minded peeps and some other exciting stuff that you’re going to LOVE. Stay tuned though, we’ll spill the beans on that next week.

What we really want to share with you right now, is about our business journey of late. You see, though we have a great, funky little company pushing out fab flowers on a weekly basis, we still have a LOOOONG way to go before we’re anywhere near achieving the mission we strive for!

Flowers that are good, not just beautiful

A few months ago we were accepted into an accelerator program for startup businesses in agriculture (it’s called SproutX if you want to check it out or submit your business for their next round). It’s opened up a world of opportunities for us and we think ourselves lucky little chickens indeed. We’ve met ridiculously talented and connected people, and embraced a bigger, vision for our business. We’ve always cared about these things, but we’ve really nailed down our vision for:

  • 100% local sourcing (we’re about 90% of the way there!) – which is better for the planet, means less nasty chemicals in your home, and a happier local grower community
  • Education around flower types and where they’ve come from
  • Botanicals as an essential element of interior spaces that make your soul feel good

It’s a Shark Tank like scenario

The reality is though, we need your help! We’re not sure if being this open is a bit unconventional, but to be honest, we talk about this SO much with our friends and family that it actually felt a bit weird to not let you know what we’re going through! So here you go. For us to get to the next level in our business, and to bring you the amazing flower experience we think you deserve, we’ll be seeking investment.

Bloombox Co on farm, behind the scenes and at work

Clockwise: Behind the scenes on our photoshoot, our new Bloombox Co for Work product, visiting growers in Tassie with SproutX

In about 4 weeks we’ll be presenting to a room full of potential investors in a Shark Tank style scenario! And while they love to see that we’ve got our skates on in all areas of the business what they really want to see is GROWTH. Specifically, they want to see customer numbers rising.

Here’s how you can help!

So, here’s what you can do to help (no pressure, but we will actually love you forever):

Buy stuff for yourself. Pretty obvious, but if you were thinking about signing up for a flower subscription, now would be a super time! We’ll thank you for it but we also think you’ll love it, so it’s winning all round!

Buy stuff for a friend. Christmas is coming and we are on track to be THE BEST XMAS GIFT OPTION EVER. A flower gift subscription is seriously the coolest, most fun gift for pretty much anyone, even those gosh-darn hard to buy for minimalist types that say they don’t want “more stuff”. It’s also a great gift for lovely older people that have everything they need, but could do with a bit of regular delight!

Tell your office manager. You might not know but we offer a subscription for workplaces too! If your workplace could do with some blooms to brighten up the front desk or you’re interested in replacing what you currently get with something beautiful that’s also been sourced locally, let them know – or let us know the best contact at your work and we’ll get in touch.

THANK YOU. For being part of our journey and for just being here. Extra points if you’ve read all the way to the end of this email – phew! And if you have any feedback or ideas, or happen to know someone who’d be interested in getting involved in a business that wants to change the way Australia gets flowers, we’d love to know about it.

Keep blooming!

Mel and Phil

Join the flower journey and get some flowers!