How much did you love last week’s challenge! It’s refreshing to realise that something so simple can actually be a super effective way of bringing a little beauty into our lives. Bud vases are the best way to pop a flash of magic into every room, without having to get too extravagant.

This week we’re focusing again on using one bunch of amazing flowers, but we’re showing you how to dress them up with botanicals from where you live! Life is BUSY, and the striving for more, better, faster can take our focus off what’s really important in life. When you learn to appreciate what you already have and show gratitude for the simple things, you’ll find that there’s been wonderful things right under your nose the whole time. To kick you off, I take you on an adventure into my grandparents backyard – a garden I’ve been playing in since I was a wee munchkin.

We’re betting that after this challenge you’ll never look at a nature strip or your neighbours yard the same way again! Or leave the house without a pair of shears tucked into your handbag.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of this week’s easy project – Fabulous Foraging. Don’t forget to show us what you found around your home in the Flower Squad Facebook Group – and we love to see your finished projects!


You will need:


  • A bunch of pretty, luxurious-ish blooms – think tulips, roses, or snapdragons


  • A large, sturdy vase or urn – whichever style you’re feeling

Let’s do it!

  1. forage for branches, flowers, foliage and fruits!
  2. start with 2-3 small branches to create a frame for your arrangement
  3. pop in some interesting textures, like citrus fruits
  4. put in your feature flower, a small cluster but with varying heights for texture looks great
  5. finish off with feathery foliage like ferns and dangly vines!

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