It’s Spring in Australia – the best season for locally grown flowers!

Spring is my favourite season, warmer days bring nature out of hibernation and our gardens and parks start to burst into life once again. If you love pinks, reds and whites this is your season for flowers! The markets are full of our favourite blooms and it’s such a great opportunity to get your hands on locally grown flowers.

I’m sure you’re all aware that spring brings peony mania and we’re definitely excited to see those fabulous and delicate blooms back in our vases. Peonies are a late spring bloomer so we’ve got a little wait before we see those beauties but don’t fear there is plenty of floral goodness to get your hands on before then.

If you’re as keen as I am to buy Australian grown flowers but lose your confidence when going to the florist or flower markets, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Below is a little guide to some of the best flowers this glorious season has to offer.

Flower in Season - Australia in Spring - double ranunculus

Delicate Spring flowers…

First up is the ranunculus which comes in some of the most gorgeous colours, if you’re a pink fan then the variations you’ll find will knock your socks off! Their season is relatively short starting in late winter and running until early spring so make the most of them while they’re here.

The delicate anemone comes in an array of colours but if you’re planning a spring wedding you may find it hard to look past the stunning white with the deep purple centre. These beauties are available from September to November and look great in a vase on their own or mixed with their fellow spring friends!

Flower in Season - Australia in Spring - delicate Queen Anne's Lace

For its whimsical beauty, I love Queen Anne’s Lace, it’s fresh scent reminds me of spring meadows. Available between October and January, this one hangs around for a while so you have plenty of time to experiment with this in your arrangements. We love to leave it tall to get the full wildflower vibe happening!

Flower in Season - Australia in Spring - Fragrant freesias

Fragrant Spring flowers that are smelling sweet right now!

If you’re looking for something with a sweet scent to perfume your home then you will love Lilac which blooms in October, the vase life of this seasonal bloom is limited so be sure to add some flower food to the water to prolong it for as long as possible. Lavender is another scented favourite which is at it’s peak from October to January, my advice would be to pop to your local nursery and buy a lavender plant which can be grown in pots on verandas and balconies very easily. The bees will be eternally grateful! A popular scented addition to bridal bouquets is the freesia which can be found in the traditional white, but I have to say that my absolute favourite is the burgundy variety.

Flower in Season - Australia in Spring - locally grown sunflowers

Need more vibrancy? Spring is the season for colourful blooms.

Spring isn’t all about pinks and blush tones, if you’re after a pop of colour then look no further than the Sunflower, these tall large-headed flowers are forever popular and actually come in more variations than you might think. The rust coloured sunflower is truly magnificent and a great alternative to the traditional yellow. Available from September to February, you can enjoy these country classics over and over again.

Snapdragons are a florist favourite and appear in a variety of arrangements all year round thanks to greenhouse growing but their natural season sees them blooming late winter to early spring. Their colour range is vast and can bring everything from vibrant yellows, warming orange, classic white and deep burgundy to name a few! Snapdragons work well with other flowers but don’t be afraid to let them be the star of the show in a vase of their own.

If you’re a fan of native flowers… These are our Spring flower favourites.

Flower in Season - Australia in Spring - Native Red Waratahs

The Waratah blooms from September to October and has a great vase life. Mainly known for their vibrant red colour, they are also available in pink and white. You’re probably familiar with cute little dried Billy Buttons, well spring is the time to get your hands on these beauties when they’re fresh. They’re a great addition to any arrangement with they’re delicate clusters of yellow flowers atop a long stem and can be equally stunning grouped together in a vase of their own. They’ll reward you with a fab vase life if you give the stem a snip and change the water regularly, plus you can hang them upside down in a warm spot to dry for an even longer lasting pop of colour.

THE season for Peonies (and roses)!

Flower in Season - Australia in Spring - Victorian Peonies

As spring starts to make way for summer it’s time for the big, fluffy beauties to fill our vases. November brings peony season with all its Instagramable perfection, these gorgeous and highly sought after flowers have a short local season so be sure to make the most of them while they’re around. Keep your vase squeaky clean and add flower food to your water to ensure the buds continue to open. Once the season has finished for another year, you can fill your peony shaped void with field roses, always beautiful and often scented, these blooms are so much more than an English country cottage garden flower.

Flower in Season - Australia in Spring - deep red garden field roses

If all this talk of Spring has got you desperate to fill those vases with locally grown beautiful blooms, simply sign up to receive the best Spring flowers delivered directly to your door!


About the Author:

Ria lives in Sydney and loves getting creative for Bloombox Co. She is dedicated to sourcing the most gorgeous local blooms the season has to offer.