Gift Message Inspiration 2018-05-05T10:43:34+10:00

Gift card writer’s block? It’s a thing.

Writing messages is hard! Here are a few suggestions to help to find the right words and unleash your genius.


“Here’s to another year of us laughing at our own jokes, dealing with stupid people and keeping each other sane.”

“Thanks for putting up with my crazy.”

“I’m sorry these flowers aren’t from a tall, dark, handsome stranger. One day they will be, but until then you’re stuck with me.”

“Chance made us colleagues. But being crazy made us friends.”



“It has been scientifically proven that too many birthdays will kill you.”

“Happy birthday you magnificent bastard.”

“Such birthday. Much celebrate.”



“You’ll always be my favourite mum.”

“Mum, being told that I’m just like you doesn’t terrify me. Thank you for everything.”

“Mum, thanks for sharing your D.N.A. Now we’re both fabulous.”

“I love how we don’t have to say out loud that I’m your favourite child.”



“Well done for being born many years ago.”

“Another year has passed and I’m still younger than you.”

“Happy birthday to my favourite sister. OK, so you’re my only sister, but if I had others you’d still be my favourite.”

“Being related to me is the only gift you need. But here are some flowers anyway.”



“You’re pretty much my most favourite of all time, in the history of ever.”

“Your chromosomes have combined beautifully.”

“I know we’ve been together for kind of a while now, and life isn’t all hot dates and romance all the time. But there is nobody I’d “rather do it with than you.”

“There’s no one else I’d rather grow old and fat with.”

“OK. You win. I’m yours.”


Sending Love

“I wanted to send you a hug, but they haven’t figured out how to put that in a box yet.”

“Flowers to say how much I miss you, and to send you all my love.”

“You’re my first thought in the morning, and my very last thought at night.”

“I miss you every day, but today you get flowers.”