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How to Make your Home Happier

10 Ways to a Beautiful, Happy Home

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You could be forgiven for admitting that over the last year your home has felt more like a prison cell than a sanctuary. Lockdown flipped our homes on their heads – taking them from cosy places we could retreat to, away from the hustle and bustle of work, to a place we literally weren’t allowed to leave, and without toilet paper! Dining tables became desks, in an attempt to preserve our last scraps of sanity, couches and beds turned into toddler forts. Tensions ran high, the walls closed in and with so many people forced inside and on top of one another, the whole place went to sh*t!

Formerly separate worlds – the pressures of work and the drudgery of domesticity were thrown into existence side by side. Both battling for your attention, but neither fully obtaining it. A laptop harbouring emails that have gone unresponded, bills stacked beside it, not yet paid. Dishes in the sink you swear can hear faintly calling “clean me” and the kids recreating WWE smackdown upstairs. Oh – and your boss is on the phone. The noise. The chaos. The stress. The mess. What an effing nightmare!

It’s hard to achieve balance at the best of times, but in these conditions? Almost impossible. How could you possibly feel productive and abundant with creativity when your home is a feral pit? Small changes pave the path to big differences, though, and creating little pockets of beauty and joy throughout your abode is one simple way to feeling less dull and more inspired.

1. Home is Where your Heart Is

Home is where the heart is, but where is the heart of your home? Perhaps in the kitchen, where the family huddle together at the island, snatching bites of breakfast. Maybe at the table, where your nearest and dearest congregate for dinner, raising laughs and clinking glasses whilst debriefing the day. Wherever the heart is, keep it cosy and inviting and leave work out of it – natural textiles and ambient lighting can elevate these areas beyond mere function.

2. Sprinkle Magic Everywhere

Sprinkle magic everywhere you go! You probably spend most of your time at the heart, afterall, that’s what it’s for. But other less-frequented corners of your pad are worthy of love, too! Candles beside the bath, trailing vines kept in water in the shower caddy, a jar of green foliage on the shelf in the laundry. Treat these often overlooked little nooks well and they will reward you with visual treats to be had throughout your entire home.

3. View your Home Like your Wardrobe

View your home like your wardrobe – a creative outlet, a place to express and empower yourself, a reflection of your unique personal style. Trends are just that, fleeting and geared towards the mass market. Just because an interior style is “in” right now does not mean it needs to be “in” your home. 

4. Breathe Life into your Living Spaces

Breathe life into your living spaces by filling them with fresh flowers and plants. Even rooms with little to no natural light can join the party, with many types of philodendrons, bromeliads, calatheas, ferns and lillies thriving without sunshine. Bloombox Co flowers are designed to last, with many inclusions – particularly natives – able to be dried. The gift you can give yourself which keeps on giving!

5. You have Standards, Uphold Them!

You have standards, uphold them! Is this worthy of me and my home? Surround yourself with joy and settle for nothing less than that which makes your heart sing. If you don’t love it, lose it… and if that ugly plate or vase is sentimental and you have to keep it, hide it. Ha ha!

6. Make Yourself Feel Welcome

Make yourself welcome when you walk through the door. Just like hotels leave little chocolates on your pillow, do something a bit special for yourself. Be it ugg boots in the hallway or a bottle of wine pre-chilled, make sure your home is prepped for optimum unwinding.

7. Make your Home Welcoming for guests too!

If you’re WFH still, create a dedicated ‘work’ space away from the main hangouts in your home. If you have the room for it there are plenty of social media pages and local websites where people offload old furniture for free. Bag a shabby chic desk and a cool retro chair and set up shop in the garage or the corner of a lesser used room. Not having Slack blinking off or spreadsheets give you the side-eye while you’re trying to get all up in Bridgerton is a huge help.

8. Clear Away the Clutter!

If we may – just a teeny tiny chore? Clear away the clutter. The amount of STUFF that can accumulate – seemingly of its own accord – is scary, particularly when you have kids. Sometimes it can feel like no matter how much time you spend cleaning; your house is never actually clean… But eliminating unnecessary junk on surfaces is the easiest way to make things look tidier. Designate a place for everything and spend a couple of minutes doing a “crap cull” at the end of each night. Once you’re in the habit you won’t even realise you’re doing it. One suuuuper efficient way to do this is put a basket in each room. At the end of the day anything that doesn’t belong in that room gets chucked in the basket. Boom – place looks instantly tidier and you can deal with the basket later!

9. Use your Home as a Creative Outlet

This step ties in to ways 3 and 5, but that’s because we think this is important – take risks and let your home be an outlet for your spirit and passion! The design of your interiors is a sneak peak to your soul and tells a story about YOU. If you’re into flamboyant wallpaper and hollywood regency furniture we can give no better advice other than DO ITTTT

10. Be Good to Future You.

Be good to future you. You are beautiful, you are brilliant – recognise your worth. Be your biggest fan and treat yourself accordingly. Take yourself for dinner, buy yourself perfume, run a bubble bath, send yourself some flowers! Both future you and the home you share will thank you.

“To me, flowers are happiness” – Stefano Gabbana

Intentionally making your home a place of happiness for you and your loved ones can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. TLDR? Here’s our checklist:

Home Happiness Checklist.

  1. Designate a “heart” for your home
  2. Create nooks of beauty in overlooked areas
  3. Let your personal style shine
  4. Add life with botanicals
  5. Remove things that don’t bring you joy
  6. Intentionally add welcoming touches for yourself
  7. Make guests feel welcome too!
  8. Make removing clutter a habit
  9. Use your home as a creative outlet
  10. Treat yourself and your home

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