Kiss my Tulips! – BLOOMBOX CO – Sydney and Melbourne 2021-09-02T07:24:33+10:00

We’re rooting for you!
Fresher, for longer with these
on bulb-beauties!

Why snip + ship when we can dig to order? For a limited time, we’re sending these tulips on bulbs so you can enjoy the outdoors, indoors! Long, leggy farm-fresh beauties growing sans soil! Winter magic!

Choose from 15 / 25 / 35 bulbs, in a variety of seasonal colours, dug to order in Monbulk, Victoria

Holland is famous for tulips, ja? But did you know they’ve been cultivated to grow in Australia too? We pinky promise never to send you flowers from overseas. All our petalled pals have been grown here, not flown here which means you get better quality blooms, with a much longer life-span and we can keep our environmental footprint small.

Nature gives us flowers – let’s give her our love.

No waste. No plastic. No imports.

Dug to order in Monbulk, Victoria