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  • Great for a small vase for a desk or bedside table


  • Perfect for a medium vase to add colour to your home


  • Perfect a tall statement arrangement and a couple of small vases
“For a self confessed flower addict, BLOOMBOX has been making my year one of the best, one beautiful box of flowers at a time.”
“I love when my @bloomboxco flowers arrive. Not knowing what will be tucked inside that brown paper means a happy surprise every time.”
“Freshest bloom delivery from @bloomboxco. Looking forward to playing with these on the weekend!”
“Ta-Da! Beautiful @bloomboxco blooms still look great even if I have no skill in arranging!”
“Oh @bloomboxco nothing makes me happier than peonies! #wheniamnotdrinking”
“The ladies from @bloomboxco always deliver the freshest flowers! I even managed to reuse ones from a fortnight ago!!!”
“Always the details – @bloomboxco flowers, perfect on my shelf today, thank you”

Common questions

Do you accommodate for allergies?

No one needs hives! If you have an allergy you know about please let us know. Although if it’s a serious (WHERE’S MY EPIPEN) type allergy, we don’t recommend ordering our subscription boxes.

Do you accommodate cat owners?

You betcha! Just let us know if you own a furbaby and we’ll make sure your boxes don’t include any of the blooms that are seriously toxic to your feline love. Though as a general rule it’s best to keep your cat from munching on your flowers.

When do you deliver?

We deliver on Thursdays. Why? Sanity but also because you’ve told us that mid week blooms are the best pre-weekend pick-me-up.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to most addresses in Sydney and Melbourne. See if we can deliver to you!

Where do you source your flowers?

Amazing blooms are incredibly important to us! We work directly with growers and family run businesses (usually generations old) to source our botanicals. We try to source locally as often as possible but may occasionally include a special treat from further afield.

Can I skip or pause my deliveries?

Yes! You’re allowed to go on holidays. You can skip a delivery before the weekly cut off (by the Friday night before your next delivery). Visit your account to manage your subscription any time (or get in touch if you’re in a pickle).

Do I need to be home to accept my delivery?

We now mostly deliver super early morning (old school milk man style!) which means you can pull your blooms into the cool first thing in the morning!

We pack your blooms with a drink to hang out for you, so they’ll stay fresh even if you have them sent to your home and you don’t get to them right away.

Have more questions? Check out our very handy FAQs