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Buy flowers, feel warm and buzzy.

Bees need our help!
(and we need theirs)

Bee populations are in decline all over the world, as they deal with disappearing environments and the widespread use of harmful pesticides. Over a third of our food relies on bee pollination for production. No bees = Big problems!

At Bloombox Co we reckon flowers really do make the world a better place – to brighten your home and the future of our bees.

save Australian bees with Bloombox Co

Buy flowers for you, grow flowers for the bees

Talk about give and give! You generous, environmentally responsible beast. When you buy Bloombox Co flowers, we plant bee friendly flowers in our Melbourne rooftop bee sanctuary.

You get gorgeous flowers, and feel warm and buzzy.

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About Bloombox Co’s Plan Bee Sanctuary

Our bee sanctuary is an urban garden of bee delights, located above our office in Fitzroy, Melbourne. We grow tasty year-round seasonal and pesticide-free flower treats, provide bee friendly water stations for hot days, and even a couple of bee motels for solitary Australian native bees. Because just like us, some bees prefer alone time.

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Bloombox Co Rooftop Bee Sanctuary with Bee Hotel