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Love a strong, dependable bloom, that you could *almost* cuddle up to at night? Banksias are who you’ve been searching for. Woody, rustic and ultra-longlasting, they’re the perfect low-maintenance, high-impact option for lazy flower lovers. They won’t beg you for daily water changes or drop petals all over your mantel. In fact, they’ll make you look like a total pro, without you have to lift a finger!

These Aussie natives tick all the boxes. Their earthy tones go with just about anything! And their unique, sculptural shapes and variety of wiry and fuzzy textures will add real oomph to your space. And that foliage! Prehistoric-pretty.

We’ve teamed up with the best banksia farmers around to bring you the picks of the season. Packed to order, you’ll receive a generous box of the freshest blooms available! 

Best of all, they’re an absolute go-to when it comes to best-drying blooms! So you can enjoy them forever. A great addition to your floristry toolkit to include in future flower arrangements.

  • You’ll receive the best Banksias available (the same as or similar to what’s pictured here, according to what’s in season). 
  • They’ll be cut just for you. Banksias are a longer-lasting bloom anyway – but the freshness here means you can stretch out the joy just that bit longer.
  • All you’ll need to do is open the box, give them a snip and some fresh water.

Delivered in our signature Bloombox Co box, along with care instructions and flower food to keep these babies gorgeous for as long as possible.

Local Hero - 5 Stems
$79.00 inc. GST
Local Hero - 10 Stems
$119.00 inc. GST

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Free contactless delivery in Melbourne and Sydney!

In-season, 100% Aussie grown blooms.

Fresh and in bud, so you can enjoy watching them bloom
“For a self confessed flower addict, BLOOMBOX has been making my year one of the best, one beautiful box of flowers at a time.”
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Locally Grown

Sure, we’d LOVE peonies year round, who wouldn’t!? But sometimes you gotta make sacrifices for the greater good, so we overindulge in those babies when they’re HOT, and hero the best locally grown Aussie blooms when they’re NOT. Shopping ‘in season’ is not just for groceries!
Different flowers peak at different times – so by only selecting what’s locally available you get to enjoy a much wider variety of florals, that look better, stay fresher, last longer and haven’t been altered in any suss, toxic ways to make them travel farther than they should.
No nasty chemicals, no unnecessary air miles, just good old aussie growers and GREAT seasonal flowers!

Your joy is at the heart of everything we do and we treat every order like it’s our own. So if something isn’t 100% perfect, our Customer Happiness team will jump through hoops to make it right. Pinky promise!