Pink Peonies

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The most elusive of all blooms, with their luxuriant ruffled petals, mesmerising fragrance and spellbinding blooming process (from tiny wee round bud to an enormous marshmallowy bloom in just a couple of days).

The season lasts for only a few short weeks every year, so if you’re a lover of peonies, jump on this right now before they’re gone for another year! Buy them all for yourself. Split a box with your friends. Send them to someone REALLY special.

Care instructions: We deliver your peonies unadulterated in bud form, so you’ll enjoy watching them bloom before your eyes. Delivered in our signature Bloombox Co box, along with care instructions and flower food to keep these rare and fleeting beauties lasting for as long as possible.

Pink Peonies - 8 stems
$89.00 inc. GST
Pink Peonies - 12 stems
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Pink Peonies - 16 stems
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In-season, 100% Aussie grown blooms.

We Source Directly From A Secret Melbourne Peony Farm – Snipped & Shipped Fresh For You

Could these blooms PEONY sweeter? Ha, see what we did there!? But seriously. People are obsessed with these big, fluffy, flower clouds and it’s not hard to see why! Brides actually plan their weddings around peony season – visually, they’re totally romantic, but they also symbolise good fortune and happiness in marriage, making them a must for any bridal bouquet. Celebrities tweet their obsession with them (Hi Drew, Hi Gwyneth!), and China has the prized peony as its national floral emblem. So yeah – they just ARE that good!

Peony season (aka flower lovers Christmas) kicks off in Australia at the start of November, and to get these babies to you in tip top condition we’re going to snip them and ship them from the very same farm they grew up on. Less messing about and no middle man means fresher, more gorgeous, longer lasting blooms. This also provides you with the best value AND supports our Aussie growers. What’s not to love?

Placing your pre-order now ensures that come the second week of November you WILL have peonies at your door. Previous seasons they’ve sold out fast, so if you want to witness the sheer magic and beauty of a tight baby bud bursting into bloom before your very eyes you’re going to have to get in quick!

They’re here for a good time, not a long time. Don’t miss out!

Fresh and in bud, so you can enjoy watching them bloom
“For a self confessed flower addict, BLOOMBOX has been making my year one of the best, one beautiful box of flowers at a time.”
“I love when my @bloomboxco flowers arrive. Not knowing what will be tucked inside that brown paper means a happy surprise every time.”
“Freshest bloom delivery from @bloomboxco. Looking forward to playing with these on the weekend!”
“Ta-Da! Beautiful @bloomboxco blooms still look great even if I have no skill in arranging!”
“Oh @bloomboxco nothing makes me happier than peonies! #wheniamnotdrinking”
“The ladies from @bloomboxco always deliver the freshest flowers! I even managed to reuse ones from a fortnight ago!!!”
“Always the details – @bloomboxco flowers, perfect on my shelf today, thank you”

Locally Grown

Sure, we’d LOVE peonies year round, who wouldn’t!? But sometimes you gotta make sacrifices for the greater good, so we overindulge in those babies when they’re HOT, and hero the best locally grown Aussie blooms when they’re NOT. Shopping ‘in season’ is not just for groceries!
Different flowers peak at different times – so by only selecting what’s locally available you get to enjoy a much wider variety of florals, that look better, stay fresher, last longer and haven’t been altered in any suss, toxic ways to make them travel farther than they should.
No nasty chemicals, no unnecessary air miles, just good old aussie growers and GREAT seasonal flowers!

Your joy is at the heart of everything we do and we treat every order like it’s our own. So if something isn’t 100% perfect, our Customer Happiness team will jump through hoops to make it right. Pinky promise!