Think of Lola Berry and you think of many things – dreamcatchers, smoothies and scrummy raw vegan cakes probably being some of them, but this foodie/nutritionalist/author/TV presenter is spreading a seriously cool message about total health happiness. Eating well is just one piece of the puzzle after all!

We catch up and talk career, life, beauty and blooms with the self confessed “quirky nature hippie and health nerd” who has won over Australia, and the world, with her (positively bouncing) message of mindful nutrition and joyful health.

It’s been quite a ride! What, between writing best selling books and spreading your message of joyful health far and wide through your radio, print and television work, there must have been so many highs… Tell us about the last thing that totally blew you away?

Awesome question, there’s been so many inspiring moments. I’ve been touring loads at the moment with The Happy Cookbook. One of the highlights for me was at the Melbourne book launch (Melbs is where I’m from, so all my mates and family were there). I dedicated this book to my Dad and Steve Irwin. My two heroes. And I got to really thank Dad in my speech, and he cried. That really made my day, he’s all heart and has had my back from the get-go so to make Dad proud means loads to me.

Where would you say you are on the dreamer to realist spectrum?

[Laughs] Well I’m a full blown dreamer, I mean, I want to live in a treehouse one day. and my goals are pretty out there. But that said, my dreams always come true because I believe in myself and work so hard until they become a reality. So I’m mega dreamer but with drive, self belief and strength. I think these dreams came become a reality.

Lola Berry
Flower crown by Pomp & Splendour

Who is one person / one thing which always inspires you?

My dad. He’s got the best heart and always sees the good in people. And he’s always inspired me to chase my dreams. He owns his own vet clinic and I know he worked so hard to get that off the ground so I see strength in his journey and dreams coming to life.

When you’re in a rut, your one failsafe pick-me-up is…

I watch Steve Irwin docos and old school Jamie Oliver stuff, like the Naked Chef, when he was super young and pretty raw – that stuff really inspires me, but I love his new stuff too. My ultimate Jamie series is “Jamie at Home” – the whole feel and energy of that series is brilliant, very inspiring.

I also try to get to gigs. I love live music and being around people living their passion.

Sunrise vs sunset?

Far out, that’s so tricky. I was wanting to say sunrise, but there’s something so calming about a sunset.

Fave beauty routine right now?

I use this final oil that I created and that I sell called the “Oscar Youth Elixir” that’s made from organic rose hip oil, macadamia nut oil, calendula and flower essences. I use it morning and night and I’ve noticed a huge difference. It makes my skin glow.

What’s your favourite thing to do when no one’s looking?

[Laughs] I make a cacao, avo and banana face mask. It’s not very attractive but I love it… It looks a bit like poo if I’m honest, but the next day my skin is smooth as!

We’ve heard you describe your “sanctuary” as a fairy’s cave. Surrounding yourself with inspiring and energising objects is obviously important to you – what would you say your hands-down most valuable possession is?

I have a crystal that is under my pillow every night and its called “labradorite” its the magic crystal that makes dreams comes true. Plus I love good candles, fairy lights, my manifesto (dreams and goals) book, and fresh blooms in my fairy cave. It’s my little magical spot.

We’ve ALSO heard you are mad about fresh flowers (and flower essence therapy)! What’s your favourite flowery thing to do, and on that note, your favourite flower to play with?

Well I have loads of favourites but I do love tulips, especially those that come with the little fringes. They look like fairy homes. I love anything that looks a bit whimsical. Even babies breath feels super dreamy to me.

I always try to shoot with blooms, I think flowers are magic. My grandma is in an old peoples home (she has Alzheimer’s Disease) and when I visit I always take her in roses (they’re her favourite) and I think it makes a difference. Her eyes sparkle when she sees fresh flowers.

Well, we think you have “living a beautiful life” pretty well nailed. Tell us though, what does that meant to you?

It means showing up doing and what you love (which sometimes takes hard work). And having an honest heart. I think that’s the key to living a beautiful life.

…having an honest heart. I think that’s the key to living a beautiful life.

What are you most excited about next in the world of Lola Berry?

I’m just real excited to be on this journey. I feel very lucky that I get to live my dream and spread the health word through media. When I’m working on a book, or filming something, or giving a talk, time stops. So I know I’m in flow. So for me it’s just ’bout honouring my dhama, and living my truth – so more of that.

Finally, a wildcard question – What is the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for you?

Well a boy I dated booked a treehouse in Hawaii for me, that was pretty special. And one day he surprised me and got a hotel room, when I walked in the room was full of rose petals and candles, pretty magical. Then he cooked my my favourite meal. Another boyfriend used to take me to secret beaches in Byron Bay – they were pretty magical too.


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The Happy Cookbook

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Lola’s new book The Happy Cookbook is already hitting best seller lists nation wide. The Happy Cookbook is a collection of over 130 of Lola’s celebrated nutritionally dense recipes, “but [is] all about living a healthy lifestyle; yoga, sleep, and even relationships”. While eating well is vital for good health, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. As well as sharing her nutritious recipes, Lola discusses the other key pillars of good health – including exercise, mindfulness and mental health – offering insights both professional and personal.

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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.