Flower Style Trends That Are In (and Out) For 2019!

Having flowers in your home is always a stylish decision. In fact, incorporating a botanical element is one of the best and easiest ways to put a fun and lively stamp on your space. It doesn’t matter if you’re an interiors bohemian, prefer your home to be traditionally classic, or anywhere in between – flowers bring the life, glamour and romance to your space. 

However not all flowers are ticking the style boxes these days. We’ve witnessed a real change in flower decor over the last couple of years, and expect the style shift to accelerate through 2019. It’s an exciting time to be a flower lover!

We’ve rounded up the hottest flower trends, and the ones that’ll be making a quiet exit this year – so that when you make a small splurge on flowers in 2019 you’ll keeping things feeling fresh on all fronts.

IN: Dried flowers in an oh-so-modern way

dried flowers are right on trend for interiors in 2019

Mix up the textures like a spiky protea, and soft pampas grass. Photo by Penny Lane.

Natural tones and hues are back in a BIG way this year. Where it was once all about millennial pink and endless blonde wood, we’re now seeing terracotta hues and natural wood tones slip back in. Dried flowers are the perfect way to dip your toe back into neutral territory with their incredible muted colours and natural structured shapes. Plus, they last forever, so they make a low maintenance, on-trend style statement.

Modern dried flowers are not for your nanna! They’re less about fussy flowers, perfectly arranged, but heavier on grasses, natives and unconventional shapes, boldly displayed. It’s a fabulously easy trend to try, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Leucadendrons are great for drying

Aussie natives like leucadendrons are great for drying. Photo by Penny Lane.

Top tips for trying out the dried flower trend:

  • Keep your containers modern and minimal to avoid a fussy look. Think clean designer glass over rustic art glass, or a polished brass cylinder.
  • Use them for out-of-the-way decor. Dried flowers are brittle and can leave a trail of destruction in a highly trafficked area, so keep fresh blooms on the table and save dried ones for a shelf, windowsill or a large statement floor vase, where you’re unlikely to brush past.
  • Experiment with different varieties. Australian natives (like leucadendrons pictured above) always dry fantastically, but softer stem varieties can give you surprising results. Think juicy anthurium, ruffly peonies and paper thin dahlias.

OUT: Flowers Dyed in Lurid Colours

brightly dyed flowers out of fashion

Want to shield your eyes? We get it.

Dyed flowers have been seeing something of a renaissance of late. While the jury is still out on whether there’s any place for tampering with Mother Nature’s colour palette, we are ALL in agreement that lurid dyed blooms have no place at home. Mountain daisies dyed in coolah cordial green, chrysanthemums streaked with aqua blue and high-vis orange, “rainbow roses” in all the wrong colours. All things we expect to see less of this year.

IN: Ikebana Inspired Flower Arrangements

Simple arrangements with lots of room to breathe

There’s a reason why Ikebana inspires life long enthusiasts to practice this ancient art of highly considered flower arranging.

It’s an aesthetic that embraces imperfection and natural curves, highlighting nature in all its glory. It’s a style that works enormously well with the nature driven undercurrent in interiors right now.

The look is driven by embracing balance and asymmetry, curves and layers. It’s well worth experimenting with.

Ikebana highlights each individual flower and botanical element

Shine the spotlight on the beauty of each individual flower

To give an Ikebana inspired arrangement a try, here are our top tips:

  • Keep things simple – it’s all about natural looking flowers with lots of room to breathe. You can tap into the trend with something as easy as leaning a single branch in a vase, or trying a really airy flower arrangement.
  • Rather than cramming everything in tightly, add stems one by one, leaving some stems long and leggy. That way there’s room for each bloom to shine
  • If you have a particularly bushy stem, don’t forget you can edit it back to better show it off. For instance, remove leaves that are obscuring a flower head, or cut away excess branchy bits. You can always save the parts you cut away for bud vases around your home.

OUT: Stiffly Structured Flower Arrangements

Corporate Flowers out of fashion

Flowers arranged in straight lines – not exactly inspiring for the eye!

Leaf wrapped cylinders, stuffed with heavy handed imported tropicals, arranged in straight symmetrical form – something we’re seeing less and less of (outside of corporate and hotel lobbies). The trend is away from beating nature into submission, and embracing its abundance and movement instead.

IN: Sustainable “Slow” Flowers

slow sustainable australian flowers

Buying flowers sustainably is a trend that will keep on growing

We’re all starting to care more about living more sustainably. And it’s the same when it comes to flowers. This trend is all about choosing flowers that in are in season and that are grown locally, over ones that have been shipped and stored from the other side of the world. It’s guilt free, and supports our local growers (without the heavy carbon footprint).

Buying locally sourced flowers also means you’re getting fresher, in season flowers – lovely.

Buying sustainable flowers is right on trend

If in doubt, stick with Australian native flowers. Photo by Samara Clifford.

Here are our top tips to buying flowers as sustainably:

  • It does take a bit more effort to figure out what’s been grown locally, because it’s tricky to figure out what’s imported. It helps to get an understanding of what’s in season – with a quick google search! Peonies available in April? Not a chance.
  • Buy from a farmer’s market or a reputable florist, so you can easily ask the question.
  • If in doubt – Australian natives are a good bet.

OUT: Faux luxe flowers

preserved roses out of fashion

Preserved faux luxe flowers may last longer than the trend itself.

Hat boxes crammed full of rose heads anyone? Dyed, spray painted gold, chemically treated and stuffed with glycerin, these “everlasting” denatured blooms have been flooding Instagram feeds of late. It’s a trend that we don’t expect to hang around (in a style sense) for very long.

Loving the idea of having flowers that look amazing and last ages? Try Australian natives, or display dried flowers (see above) for edgy natural beauty that lasts and lasts.

2019 and beyond is looking like an exciting time for flower lovers, with flower trends tapping on new and old (read: ancient!) influences. Naturalistic styles that celebrate the essence of every bloom are IN, and stuffy, stiff arrangements are OUT – phew!

What do you think? Will you miss the more prescriptive styles, or are you embracing a more experimental look in flowers? Have your say below and let us know!

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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.