Want To Make The Perfect Posy?

Flower Tips From An Interior Decorating Star

Author and interiors extraordinaire Emma Blomfield, spills her best tips on creating the perfect posy to put the finishing touch on your home or event!

As an interior stylist it’s my job to make my client’s homes beautiful and reflective of their family and I’m a firm believer that my job isn’t done until there are some fresh flowers in a vase on at least three surfaces in their house! As well as styling client’s homes, I also do a number of event styling jobs throughout the year and the floral budget is often one of the most important ones when it comes to costing out the event for a client. I don’t think I’ve ever styled an event without flowers – they just add sooooo much to the space!!

I don’t always create the florals for the events and photoshoots I style, I often outsource it to a florist but when I’m making up my own posies at home I follow a few general rules of thumb which I share in my latest decorating book Keeping House and today I’m sharing them here with you guys to help make the posy making process a little easier for you. My housemate is always commenting to me about how blown away she is seeing the bunches of flowers I bring home from events being transformed into little posies around our house. She often says she couldn’t even dream of creating what I create, but with a few little rules in place I think anyone is capable of creating their own amazing floral creations!

Follow this rule of 3 to help you create your own posies.

  1. HERO – This is the biggest and most beautiful stem of the bunch. Typically a flower such as the peony, rose, dahlia, or hydrangea will be your hero stem in the bouquet.
  2. SECONDARY – the other stems playing second fiddle to the hero stems. Good secondary stems are ranunculus, poppies, sweet pea, lisianthus, and spray roses. They aren’t always bright and colourful, secondary stems are often white or green to blend in with the bunch.
  3. FOLIAGE – Adding foliage to your flowers bulks out the bouquet and adds a charming and perhaps a little wild touch. Ensure you opt for the same tone of green with your foliage. Your existing flowers’ stems and leaves will dictate which foliage to opt for. It can look a little off if you put light green flower stems with dark green foliage

what you need to make the perfect bouquet

Emma Blomfield Flower Tips

When making a posy there are a few rules to follow to ensure the posy doesn’t fall apart as soon as you place it in a vase.

Step 1: Go one at a time. Hold one stem at a 45 degree angle. This is your centre bloom (and usually your hero bloom).
Step 2: From here add different flowers around this centre bloom (secondary blooms).
Step 3: Every third or fourth bloom add in some foliage.
Step 4: Keep going around the central bloom in a diagonal motion until you can’t hold any more in one hand. You can always pick blooms out that aren’t sitting quite right or rework the placement. It helps to hold the bouquet below your waist and look down onto it to see if the bouquet is evenly spaced.
Step 5: Trim stems and place into a vase

I also love to cut a few little stems here and there and use them in single stem vases as accent flowers around the house. Often I’ll pop them on the bathroom counter, on the tray I have sitting on the entry console at the front door, or next to my bedside table. It still allows you to have one bigger posy for the coffee table or dining table but dotting a few others here and there is a nice touch – especially when entertaining!

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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

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