Australian Native Christmas Wreath

It’s the best time of the year to indulge your creative side – and to welcome friends and family into your home (at long last). There’s no better way to do that than by hanging a fresh festive wreath on your door! Chock-a-block full of symbolism, wreaths date alllll the way back to the Roman tradition of gifting branches in the New Year, with wishes of health and happiness to family and friends.

The traditionally circular shape has come to symbolise eternity, joy and peace, and is perfect welcoming the festive spirit into your home. Some things DO change however, so gone are the days of boring, dusty old wreaths!

The BEST thing about this? It’ll dry p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y. and will look amazing in your home well after Christmas is over. It might be the one thing worth saving from 2020!

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Happy Holidays from the team at Bloombox Co!



Australian Native Christmas Wreath

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • 1 wreath ring

  • craft wire

  • a mix of Australian Native flowers and foliage

  • twine to hang

  • sharp scissors or flower shears


Styling Instructions

prepare your materials

1. Lay it out

Prep all your botanicals by cutting them into neat pieces. The process is much more delightful if you’ve done the legwork first. Pro tip! If there are any soft young shoots on your eucalyptus, simply pinch them off to avoid them wilting on your wreath.

wire eucalyptus to wreath

2. Start with foliage

Create a foundation by securing eucalyptus all the way around the wreath ring, wrapping with floral wire. For a modern twist, you can leave part of the ring exposed for a naked wreath look.

Create mini bunches to attach to your wreath

3. Prepare the flair!

Start by creating mini posies of your favourite native flowers, wrapping the stems with wire at the base to hold them together. Make about 4 or 5 of these.

Wire bunches to your wreath

4. Add your mini bunches

Using craft wire, attach your mini bunches to your wreath ring – first choosing a focal point and laying them on the wreath until they look “just right” before wiring them on.

Hide the wire on your wreath

5. Fill those gaps

Cut small sprays of flowers or foliage and tuck or wire them into your wreath to fill in gaps or hide exposed wiring (exposed wiring being the floral equivalent of a VPL!).

Add twine to your wreath to hang

6. Put a wreath on it!

All you need to do is choose a spot and hang your gorgeous wreath on a hook. Or tie on a simple loop of twine if you’d like to hang it on a wall or from the ceiling.


About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.