Yes to Love – Colourful Flower Arrangement

with Poppies, Stock, Sweet Pea and Fan Palm

Sunset at 6PM, say what now? But it’s not time to get sad, it’s time to get ready for the best season of the year – Autumn of course!

Autumn brings the perfect mixture of magical sunny afternoons and crisp, clean mornings. A swirl of a million shades of warm colour on the way. This week’s box is a an entree of what’s to come! Fluffy long lasting clouds of sedum are the star of this delivery. Over the season their blooms change colour, from chartreuse, to rosy pink, all the way to a dark copper red in late Autumn, making it the perfect seasonal flower.

One cool thing you can do with your sedum after your arrangement is done, is simply plant a cutting (or even just a strong leaf!) in a pot, or your garden! It might die back over Winter but in most cases will root and spring back to life in Spring, bursting into fluffy bloom in late Summer.The rest of your delivery is topped off with soft lilac snapdragons, chrysanthemums and a few woody stems of sculptural leucadendrons. So throw together this week’s beautiful arrangement to bring some Autumn colour into this (short) week!



Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Rust coloured blooms like sedum and red silvan leucadendrons

  • Pastel blooms like snapdragons and chrysanthemums

  • A squeaky clean vase

  • sharp scissors or flower shears


Styling Instructions

1. Start with a snap

Begin with a squeaky clean vase filled to about half way with fresh water.

With your snapdragons first, gently strip the lower leaves so you have a nice clean stem. Cut them to slightly staggered heights for some visual interest.

2. Lean it out

Put the rest of your snapdragons in, allowing them to just lean out to the sides for now. You can always come back later and adjust their positioning when they have stems from the other blooms for support.

3. Tall and strong

Leave a couple of your chrysanthemum stems nice and tall and pop these in toward the back. Then add a shorter stem toward the front of the arrangement.

4. Sedum

Grab your lush sedum and start filling out your arrangement. Sedum is great for unusual texture and adding bulk.

5. Leucadendrons

Add some shade to your arrangement with your red leucadendrons. These are great for adding dark corners into your arrangement and last for ages!

6. Stunner!

Perfect sunny autumn days, crisp mornings and cosy, flowery vignettes in your home. Autumn, we love you.

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