Hey Wildling!

OK, so you might not have a field of wildflowers outside your window. But a few DIY details like a loosely arranged vase of flowers, bursting with interesting stems can still bring wildflower magic to your home!

This week’s box features a quirky delicious mix of blooms:

Pincushions – native to the forests and mountain slopes of South Africa (although yours are grown locally!) these structural blooms last ages and come in a range of firey colours.

South Australian daisies – tiny and delicate, and work well as a balancing filler in your arrangement.

Snapdragons – these blooms are geotropic (the tips always bend upwards so they create great shapes in a vase!)

Golden cascade – long and whispery and indigenous to Western Australia

Emu grass – a native grass with a hint of silver, great for adding lots of texture.

Follow along with the tutorial or get your freestyle on! And don’t forget to tag your photos on social media with #bloomsituation or tag us @bloomboxco so we can find you!

XO Phil and Mel

Styling instructions – Find Your Wild: Pincushion, Mini Daisy and Billy Button arrangement


Here’s what you’ll need.

  • A focal flower like bright yellow pincushions

  • A complementary blooms like snapdragons

  • A mix of textural botanicals like Golden Cascade, Billy Buttons and South Australian daisies

  • Flower shears or scissors

  • A sturdy vase and fresh water

1. Emu!

Create your frame with Emu Grass.

2. Golden Cascade

Add Golden Cascade for some light, wispy texture.

3. Little clouds

Add your South Australian Daisies! Stagger the heights of the stems for more visual interest.

4. It’s a snap

Balance out colour and composition with your gorgeous pink snapdragons

5. Focus

Bring the focus in with a couple of Pincushions snuggled in

6. Top it all off!

Lastly, leave your Billy Buttons tall and push them in to your arrangement. Fun, beautiful, wild.

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