Yes, technically we’re already in Autumn. The clock ticked over and literally all the trees in our street turned yellow overnight. However, we’re not about going to let Summer slip through our fingers without a last hurrah! Yep, we’re going to miss those long hot nights, picnics at the beach at 8PM and a fridge full of watermelon.

But it’s not time to feel sad, it’s time to celebrate another summer lived well. This week we’re living it up with luscious ‘n long-lasting tropical foliage so you can stretch out those summer vibes for as long as possible. Whip yourself up a summery cocktail (mango daiquiri – our pick!), throw on a sarong and get arranging on your balcony, porch or just with the windows thrown wide open for those end-of-summer winds.

See you again in December, you sexy season you.

xo Team BBC

“Summer should get a speeding ticket,”

– Unknown

In the box this week

mini pineapple diy flower arrangement tutorial

Mini pineapple

This miniature pineapple is clearly the star of this week’s box, and one you will love well after all your other blooms are a distant but beautiful memory (read: they last FOREVS).

Style this baby up by popping it in a posy, or just in a glass vase on its own. It also will look uber cute hung from a bit of twine, or even just laying on your table! Minimal care, maximum love.

hot pink celosia diy flower tutorial

Hot pink celosia

We love celosia in all it’s many varied forms, but this week’s hot pink blooms are an extra special treat. Miniature, delicately ruffled and the hottest of hot pinks there is. Cluster it together or sprinkle it here and there for a pop of colour in your arrangements. Just make sure all the lower leaves are removed so they don’t get slimy.

solidaster diy tutorial


Solidaster is a serious cutie. It starts as a tiny pretty buds, but eventually blossoms into miniature little golden daisy like flowers. We love it both ways and it adds an especially tropical touch when in bud form.

As with the celosia, try to keep the stems extra clean and change the water regularly.

sweet william flower arrangement tutorial

Purple sweet william


We’re so sweet on sweet william! These tiny blossoms are a nanna-esque treat that absolutely grow on you. Best styled in pretty vintage jars en masse all on their own, however they also make a great filler.

For more info check out our flower library entry for Sweet William here.

2016-03-02 04.08.28 2


A gorgeous, glossy statement foliage that needs no introduction. Throw one or two leaves in vases all over the house – they last ages with just a little care.


Styling instructions

bloombox co centerpiece flower tutorial

1. Prepare your materials

You will need:

  • scissors or shears
  • an assortment of mismatched vases, jars, bottles and cups (upcycle where you can!)
  • tropical flowers and foliage from this week’s box

Before you begin, line up your assorted vessels to get an idea of which vessel will go with which flower or foliage. Then prepare all your stems before you get started (which involves cleaning away any lower leaves that would fall below the water line).

2. Create a focal point

Create a focal point for your clustered centrepiece starting with the star of this week’s box, the mini pineapple.

Create a simple posy using just a couple of sprigs of flowers (we want to keep the look quite light and fresh overall).

Tie your posy with a rubber band.

mini pineapple posy

3. Trim and pop in a vase

Measure your posy against your chosen vase (glass is great for this one!) and trim off your stems.

Pop in your vase and fill with fresh water and flower food.

4. Pop single monstera leaves in vases

Style single monstera leaves in vases at different heights. We used two in total, one tall and one shorter.

tropical pineapple table centrepiece tutorial

5. Repeat!

Create several posies with your remaining flowers – mixing it up with single variety vases and mixed posies.

tropical mini pineapple diy flower arrangement tutorial

6. The fun part

Start clustering! Arrange your vases around your focal point and throw in any unused vases for decoration (we even popped in some fruit).

Simple, summery and gorgeous! This fun, light arrangement is a celebration all on it’s own but perfect for your next party or get together.

With special thanks to Lauren from The Flower Assembly.

Watch it in action!


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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

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