CARNIVAL QUEEN – Pineapple lily arrangement

with Pineapple Lilies, Carnations, Alstroemeria, Viburnum

Ugh, January – the ‘Monday’ of the months. The holidays were SO last year, so we thought we’d whisk you away somewhere exotic this week with a fabulously fruity floral fiesta!

If this box were a cocktail it would definitely be a pina colada. Pineapple lilies are SO fun, and combined with hot pink carnations, tall and glossy viburnum stems and soft pink alstroemeria, you’re in for a tropical treat.

It’s the Carmen Miranda of the flower world – a party in a vase! So throw on some samba and shake your way into 2020!

firework colourful topical arrangement tutorial



tropical flower arrangement what you'll need

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • 1 bunch of pineapple lilies

  • 5-7 stems of carnations

  • 5 stems of alstroemeria

  • greenery (we used glossy viburnum foliage)
  • a clear glass vase

  • sharp scissors or flower shears


Styling Instructions

tropical arrangement add pineapple lilies

1. Start with pineapple lilies

Start with a clean vase full of fresh water.

Add your pineapple lillies, crossing stems in the vase. Cut the ends just before popping into water to make sure they get a good drink.

tropical arrangement add viburnum greenery

2. Add greenery

Add a stem or two of glossy viburnum greenery to your vase, tucking it in at the sides and the back for height.

tropical arrangement cluster carnations posy

3. Cluster your flowers

Gather your carnations and alstroemeria into a posy, keeping some stems taller at the back.

tropical arrangement tuck in flowers at the front

4. Tuck in your posy

Measure your posy against your vase so that the shortest flower is just above the mouth of your vase. Trim off and nestle in carefully at the front of your arrangement.

tropical arrangement add leftovers to second vase

5. Seeing double

Using your leftovers (in this case, vibrant foliage and a single pineapple lily), create a simple arrangement in a smaller vase.

tropical arrangement mini

6. Add sparkle to your home

Pop your two completed arrangements together in a cluster, an explosion of colour and honey scent.

Or add them wherever your home needs a sprinkling of colour, like a hallway table or side board, to take you into a bright new year!

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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.