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Sometimes, a little decadence goes a long, long way. We’ve been seduced by the deepest, reddest, lushest roses this week. They make us think of forbidden romance, love spells, and dark castles with lonely beasts.

Garden roses are one of our all time faves. Morticia Addams would be proud of these beauties. Pop them all together in a brass urn, or mix with our delphinium, chincherinchees and peppercorn foliage for a magical, woodsy vibe.

#Hot tip for your Delphiniums – these babies might look a little worse for wear after their travels, but fear not. Chop off the bottom of the stems and pop straight into some fresh water – they’ll come back to life before you know it. Also, if you have a cat, keep your Delphiniums our of the way as they’re not great for their furry little tummies.

Ready to get romantic? Pour yourself a glass of the darkest red you can find, light some candles and get creative.

xo Phil (and Mel)

“They call me the wild rose”

– Nick Cave

In the box this week

red garden roses

Red garden roses

How lush are these red garden roses? Mortician Addams would be proud. Forget red roses for Valentine’s Day, we think these babies deserve a place in our homes all year round. Romance yourself!

delphinium arrangement


Delphiniums tiny, fairywing-coloured blooms are magical and whimsical all at once. If your blooms need a perk up, simply chop an inch off the stems and pop them in fresh water. Delphiniums have an amazing colour that complements most palettes, but we love them most with our deep red roses. Try them out with baby yellow and lilac, too!



Chincherinchee (or as we like to call them “that chinchincherinchinchimenny thingie) are one of those blooms that easily fly under the radar. Small and almost asparagus-like when they’re closed, these guys open up to become a cluster of little white blooms. They add a gorgeous, rustic, wildflower look to any arrangement and look amazing mixed with Delphinium.

peppertree branch flower

Peppercorn tree

We love a good branch around here, and this one is one of our faves! The long, flexible elegant stems of fern-like leaves are perfect for creating large scale installations like wedding arches or hanging garlands. We love it here draped over the rim of a vase to stroke the tabletop. And it smells amazing!


Watch it in action!


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