DIY Hydrangea, Freesia and Anthurium flower arrangement

Hey bloomer!

This week we have big moppy headed purple Hydrangeas, fragrant, delicate Freesias, wild Veronica and (as a special treat), a couple of blush pink Anthurium to add some romance to your space!! Check out how easy it is to take your Hydrangeas from granny to glam with a simple, fresh arrangement perfect for the start of summer.

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Styling Instructions

1. Prepare your stems

As always, prep your stems before you get started. Remove any lower leaves that would be submerged below the water line.

2. Start with Hydrangeas

Create volume and the foundation for your arrangement with hydrangeas. Snip off a decent amount of stem (at least an inch) and cross your stems in a vase.

3. Tuck in Veronica

Wind tall lengths of veronica through your arrangement, allowing them to dangle right out of your arrangement for a wild look.

4. Scatter Freesias

Trim the freesias to various lengths and place throughout the arrangement.

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5. Place Anthuriums

Finish off with your two anthurium stems. Place them at different heights (so they look organic and not like antennae!) but on the same side of the vase.

6. So lush!

Pop this lush, flirtatious arrangement on your dining table or side table to brighten up the whole room!

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