When’s the last time you took time to let your mind float around in the clouds? You know, laid back, stared at the sky and imagined being an astronaut/on a magazine cover/saving the gorillas/being best friends with Oprah. Thought so!

Dreams are so important for expanding your horizons and reminding you of what’s possible – even the crazy ones!

DIY flower jar arrangement amaranthus tutorial centerpiece

This week’s combo is high in the sky with dreamy lisianthus, silvery blue eucalyptus, brightened up with amaranthus and a sprinkle of matricaria (or sylvan red leucadendrons if you’re in Sydney).

Lisianthus is a fave here at BBC HQ. A tough grassland flower with all the ruffly delicacy of roses or ranunculus. Incredibly resilient and long lasting – a true Southern belle.

DIY flower jar arrangement lisianthus tutorial centerpiece

This week’s double jar arrangement came from an urge to have something a little lower and softer in my space. I usually have something big and bold on my kitchen table, and it would have been as easy to do the big luxurious “cluster and cram” that I usually do (especially with the scrummy textural combo of the powdery blue eucalyptus, amaranthus and soft delicate lisianthus). But this week’s lisianthus was just begging to be snipped and scattered.

The cool thing about lisianthus is that the stems are long and leggy, with big blossoms on their own branches. This makes it easy to separate a single stem into 3 or even 4 individual pieces. Simply cut the main stem just above where it branches off. It’s a great way to create dense clouds of lisianthus blooms at the same height – but also to have shorter pieces to work with and weave into your arrangements.

Dream on and get creative bloomers!

XO Phil and Mel

Styling instructions – Twin Flower Jar Lisianthus Arrangement

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Eucalyptus

  • 3 stems of lisianthus

  • 2 stems of amaranthus

  • 2 stems of matricaria

  • Flower shears or scissors

  • 2 glass jars

1. Choose your vases

Choose two vases or jars. We went with two glass pickle jars in different heights, but you can use two drinking glasses, recycled cans or whatever you have lying around!

eucalyptus jar arrangement diy tutorial

2. Create a foliage base

Create a loose leafy base with your eucalyptus. We used a couple of taller pieces on one side, and shorter on the other to create a high-low look. Death to symmetry!

cut lisianthus into multiple pieces

3. Cut lisianthus into multiple pieces

Cut your lisianthus into smaller pieces. Snip the main stem just above where it branches off to get 3 or even 4 useable pieces out of each stem!

lisianthus flower recipe DIY

4. Scatter your lisianthus

Tuck your lisianthus stems throughout both jars, using both buds and blossoms. Keep a few short and close to the rim, and a few angling out over the edges.

DIY flower jar arrangement lisianthus tutorial centerpiece

5. Amaranthus

Snip your amaranthus into two pieces to create two useable stems. Pull away excess greenery and flowers at the base of both pieces and tuck them onto the left and right sides of your arrangement. Use a second stem to create height at the back of your arrangement.

matricaria diy flower jar arrangement

6. Matricaria

Finish off with tiny delicate stems of matricaria. Clean off as much foliage as you can (it wilts easily) and fill in the gaps around the edges.

Double dreamy! This flower jar arrangement is perfect as a dining table centerpiece.

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