FAB AND FREE – Peonies and Snapdragons with Dusty Miller Arrangement

*throws glitter into the air* 


Oh, and Victorian’s are finally out of jail…

The year that basically belongs in the bin is at long frickin ‘last coming through with the goods – parole and peonies on the same day!? SUCH a treat.

Ultra feminine, ultra fabulous! This box is a damn delight! Ruffly stems of snapdragon, did we mention peonies? and all miller, no filler…  some soft, velvety dusty ‘mill

Hold onto your knickers though, because if you think these blooms look incred now – just wait until these still in bud peonies burst into bloom. It is something special alright.

Check out the time lapse video on our Instagram page @bloomboxco if you just can’t wait!

Funny story! (And not so funny for us). You might have noticed that this week’s video isn’t quite the right one for your box. There *is* a reason for this. In the excitement of lock down ending in Melbourne we all went INTO THE OFFICE for a team catch up for the first time in 4 months and to film your weekly video. Disclaimer: we are a team of tired parents with shouty young babies attached. At peak scream our Marketing Manager, Simon, made an escape with his wee bub, as well as – accidentally – half the week’s flowers. We discovered this fatal flaw after setting up for the video, when Simon was about 30km’s away with other appointments to head to.Oops. As time is short we are instead presenting one of our favourite peony recipes from the past instead. You’ll need to use your imagination to substitute your silver suede for the smokebush and eucalyptus in this video. But your Sarah Bernhardt peonies are as (if not more) gorgeous. Because pink, after all! Once fully open, they’ll have big fluffy heads ready to whisk you off into big fluffy clouds of peony dreams. We promise.



Here’s what you’ll need.

  • 3-5 stems of fluffy flowers like peonies

  • 3-5 stems of snapdragons

  • 2-3 stems of dusty miller

  • sharp scissors or flower shears and a clean glass vase


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