Hey there, hopeless romantic.

Earlier this week I was trudging back from the supermarket on a typical overcast Melbourne morning – an 18 pack of toilet rolls under one arm and 17 bags in the other. Pretty dull stuff. But all of a sudden the wind picked up and I found myself engulfed in a swirl of autumn leaves, dropping gently from a street’s worth of pretty amber coloured trees. And it got me thinking – why isn’t Autumn everyone’s favourite season? You get a mixture of gloriously clear warm days, and fresh cool ones that are just cold enough to make throwing on a wooly jumper and sipping on a cuppa so appealing. Oh and the colours!

This week we’re celebrating our new favourite time of the year with a cosy box, full of texture and warm fall hues. Inspired by messy hair, throw rugs on the couch and the cheeky chai lattes to come. We can’t wait for you to rug up and get creative with these! And don’t forget to give this week’s quick and easy tutorial a whirl!

xo Phil and Mel

“Mother Nature has the best box of crayons”

– Unknown

In the box this week




Before you say it, yep, this textural succulent bloom IS a little reminiscent of broccoli. But the prettiest damn broccoli your ever did see and the ultimate seasonal bloom – it ranges from a pale green at the beginning of the season, to a pretty pink by the end of Summer, to full deep burgundy tones by Autumn. Keep this baby in fresh water and it should last for weeks.


Big Mama Chrysanthemums

Supersize flowers? Yes please! We never get over how amazing these multilayered puffy blooms are. They last forever and look amazing teamed with lush foliage like our Magnolia.



You might be more familiar with these ruby red jewels in your champagne. Often referred to as Wild Hibiscus, they’re actually a native Aussie bush tucker and it’s not unusual to find them made into tea, jam or relish, or sold in jars as a sweet, syrupy bloom to drop into your champers. We love their juicy, glossy look, and think they’re pefect for adding a sculptural dynamic to your autumnal arrangements.




Magnolia, you classy thing. Always sure to lift the standard of any arrangement, it’s characteristic glossy dark green leaf backed with a gorgeous rust brown are amazing for autumn and winter arrangements. It’s great for adding a wow factor to bouquets due to its generous volume.


Styling instructions

1. Start with your Rosella

The Rosella will be the longest feature of your bouquet, so grab your stems and put these out first. You’ll use their length as a guide by which to stagger everything else.

2. Pump it up with your foliage

Lay down your Magnolia, still allowing he the Rosella to stick out. Keep your Magnolia fairly long, but also include some shorter stems for interest.

3. Add your Big Mamas

Now for your feature flower! Big Mama Chrysanthemums take centre stage here. Nestle them into the Magnolia, leaving lots of greenery visible.

4. Sedum base

Pop in your Sedum as the base of your Chrysanthemums. Sedum can be chunky so stagger the heights a little to avoid too much bulk in one spot. Them chop your stems so they all sit together and secure with an elastic band.

5. Hydrate

Wet wrap your bouquet by soaking paper towel in some flower food infused water, and wrapping the ends of your stems in it. Then pop the ends into a cellophane or sandwich bag to keep the moisture in, and seal with a rubber band.

6. Wrap and gift!

Wrap your bouquet in some good quality brown paper for a super autumnal feel. Secure with a rubber band, some double twine, and a sprig of Magnolia for a finishing touch. Perfect!

Watch it in action!


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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

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