Feast for the eyes – Gothic Feast Inspired Arrangement

with Proteas, Snapdragons, Sweet William and Ivy Berry

It’s grey and chilly out there and it’s got us in the mind of medieval Game of Thrones inspired feasts, complete with roaring fires, mugs of mead (OK, mulled wine) and tables filled with edgy flowers. So get ready to feast your eyes on this week’s floral delivery, featuring moody sweet william, proteas, snapdragons and piles of dark ivy berry. Toss it in a vase and let the feasting begin!

Protea and ivy berry flower arrangement tutorial



Protea, snapdragon, sweet william and ivy berry gothic flower arrangement tutorial

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • 3-4 stems of ivy berry

  • a mixture of snapdragons and sweet william

  • 2 proteas

  • a squeaky clean glass vase

  • sharp scissors or flower shears

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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.