Cold weather getting you down? We hear ya. The last couple of months have seen us spending way too much time hibernating and pondering the fashion virtues of thermal underwear and/or double pairs of stockings. How we miss those hot summer nights and actually looking forward to being outside!

But there are other ways to put a spring in your step while waiting for those warmer months. And our number one way is to bring more vibrancy to your environment. If you’re staying inside, it may as well be gorgeous!

And this week’s blooms are a bona fide explosion of colour, and a taster of bounty of Spring and Summer blooms to come.

This week you’ll find a wildberry smash of fragrant mini stock, mini gladioli, deep blueberry hued anemones, snapdragons and chrysanthemums. It’s the perfect combo to create luscious little jars of colour to instantly make home your happy place.

Brighten up your desk or side table to turn those long chilly days into a fragrant celebration of the moment! Catch this week’s tutorial to see how.

Styling Instructions – Mini Gladioli, Snapdragon and Anenome arrangement


Here’s what you’ll need.

  • A selection of winter blooms in different shapes like anemones, snapdragons and gladioli.

  • Metallic vessels – they don’t have to match!

  • Flower shears or secateurs

  • Some tape for your grid.

1. Strip tease

Trim away any leaves that will sit below the water line.


2. Gladioli

Set your gladys at an angle out to the side of your vessel, with slightly decreasing heights.


3. Snapdragons

Follow the same angle with the snapdragons and use them to fill up the space.


4. Tape

Create a grid with tape over your wider mouthed vessels.


5. Short and sweet

Snip your stock, anemones and chrysanthemums quite short, to create nice, full arrangements.


6. Ka-bloom!

What an explosion of colour! And one for every room.


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