Fools Rush In – Rustic Flower Arrangement

with Lisianthus, Bulrush, Copper Glow and South Australian Daisies

Lately we’ve been pining after a little rustic romance. Summer is generally a whirl of heat and juicy colour, pool inflatables and fluro cozzies. But now and then you crave the feel of cool fresh sheets, and clean organic textures.

That’s what we’re bringing you this week. A minimal, elegant mix of flowers to bring a breath of fresh air to your home.

Inspired by the modern farmhouse, you’ll find this week’s box filled with soft white lisianthus and tiny mountain daisies. These white blooms are set off in high contrast with dark foliage and a sprinkling of bulrush.

These blooms will look fantastic in your kitchen or dining space. And once the softer stems wilt, hang onto your bulrush and mountain daisies for a sweet, dried flower arrangement that doesn’t need to be in water. Perfect for brightening a low traffic corner of your home like your laundry! Just keep in midn that dried bulrush should be kept out of direct sunlight to maintain their colour.



rustic lisianthus arrangement with bulrush

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • 1 bunch each of stock, sweet pea and poppies

  • 5-7 stems of billy buttons

  • 2 fan palm leaves

  • 2 brightly coloured vases

  • sharp scissors or flower shears


Styling Instructions

1. Get prepared

Begin with a squeaky clean vases filled to about half way with fresh water.

Starting with your after dark foliage, remove all lower leaves by simply pulling them away. Add 2-3 stems of foliage to your vase to create a base.

step 2 cut lisianthus

2. Trim lisianthus

You can trim long stems of lisianthus into 2 shorter stems, by cutting just above where it branches off.

Double the lisianthus love!

step 3 add lisianthus

3. Place lisianthus

Add your lisianthus stems in a bold cluster at the centre of your arrangement, varying the heights for a more natural look.

step 4 add mountain daisy

4. Add mountain daisy

Intersperse a couple of stems of mountain daisy throughout your arrangement, to add some texture.

step 5 finish with bulrush

5. Time for bulrush

For a fun and rustic pop of colour, slide in a couple of bulrush stems towards the back of your arrangement for a final flourish.

Don’t forget to hang onto your dried bulrush for future arrangements!

step 6 full arrangement

6. Share the love

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