This week it’s all about the poppies. An intriguing bloom, symbolic of peace and sleep, but also known as a producer of opiates and the cause of wars. Highly symbolic and beautiful all at once.

If you’re a bit of a fashion stalker you’ll notice that poppies almost timelessly rule the runway, more so than almost any other flower (yep, including peonies!). Think bold graphic prints, billowy muted digital prints or plain vivid poppy red. Last year’s Met Gala saw both heavyweights Sarah Jessica Parker AND Anna Wintour bedecked in poppies, as well as – pictured left – Poppy Delevingne claiming the spotlight in ephemeral gauzy versions of her namesake blossom.

But nothing beats the real thing – this week you get a bunch of these beauties to add a pop of colour to your home! Try letting them take their own spotlight and style them sparingly all around your home in tiny bud vases and glasses, and wait for the magic to bloom.

XO Mel and Phil

“Be a pop of colour in a world of black and white”

– Unknown

In the box this week

bloombox co bud vase poppies tutorial flower arranging


The absolute star of this week’s box! These gorgeously simple blooms are a favourite of ours and a delight to watch bloom as they shed their outer casing to shake out four delicate, crinkly petals. Change the water each day (for reals!) and you should be rewarded with a gorgeous pop of colour.

bloombox co blue singapore orchids flower arrangement

Blue Singapore Orchids

This week we’ve gone for bright electric blue orchids to add a punch of colour to these winter months! They’re one of our faves because they’re longlasting and look great on their own or teamed with classics blooms, or tropical foliage.

bloombox co bud wax flower tutorial

Pink Geraldton Wax Flowers

Pop a tall vase of it on your bedside table or snip it up into individual sprigs for endless posy, bud vase, buttonhole, flower crown, gift wrapping, votive making, all round creative fun. These tiny waxy pink blossom is the epitome of pretty and will have you in total fits of inspiration, guaranteed!

bloombox co cut foliage andromeda flower tutorial


We’re beyond to include some andromeda in this week’s box, as it’s a fresh faced fave! Pop sprigs of it into clean bud vases around your home for total botanical bliss, or weave it into layered arrangements for a bright green pop of colour and texture. Keep the water fresh and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of bang for your buck!

bloombox co foliage fan palm flower tutorial

Fan Palm

We couldn’t resist adding a few of these fan palm leaves into this week’s box! Throw them together with your orchids and poppies for tropi-luxe vibes in the middle of winter! Or brighten up your bathroom and pop them in a bare corner and pretend you’re in Bali. 


Watch it in action!


BLOOMBOX CO delivers fresh flowers and easy do-it-yourself instructions, so you can create beautiful arrangements in a snap. Here’s how it works. You receive a themed selection of flowers and botanicals, and our step by step instructions which are perfect for beginners or experienced stylists alike.

We’re committed to putting the creative reins in your hands, so you can confidently style your own botanicals and create beautiful spaces. It’s more about the experience and embracing your creativity than the end product, which is why we’ll never sell anything pre-arranged.

BLOOMBOX CO is a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription service with no commitment – skip a delivery or cancel at any time (with 5 days notice). We can’t wait to get creative with you.


About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

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