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We love love love getting rustic, especially in that classy, crisp way that you can with fresh white feature flowers.. With peonies in season, we’re basically going nuts and putting them in every box that we can until they’re gone and one of our favourite things about them is how versatile they are. We couldn’t resist these snowy white blooms this week.

Things are getting crazy in the lead up to Christmas, and we when walk in the door after a crazy day, we want to feel cool, calm and collected. Resetting yourself after the day’s frazzle is so important and giving yourself an environment that allows you to clear your head is a great big act of self love. This week we’ve included one of our fave ever foliages – Smokebush! We just love its wispy, bushfirey branches which add a rustic touch to every arrangement. We’ve set it off against fresh white Peonies and Snapdragons, and our old faithful, smoky green Eucalyptus.

We love it all together in a gorgeous bushy arrangement for your entrance way, or cosy chillout nook in your home. Kick back, chillax and peace out home girl.

XO Phil and Mel

“Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.”

–  William Shakespeare

Watch it in action!

In the box this week


White Peonies

Did you know that peonies are the traditional floral symbol of China as well as traditionally a 12th wedding anniversary flower? We didn’t want to keep you waiting 12 years, so we’ve been going a bit peony nuts lately! These lush, rounded blooms embody romance and good fortune. And they just look damn good.



These magical babies not only look amazing, adding height and texture to an arrangement, they’re also full of symbolism. Used as a charm against falsehood, they’re all about uncovering deception! Also known as the Antirrhinum majus, they hail from the region around the Mediterranean to Morocco to Syria.



Smokebush you dreamy beast. This baby gets its name from its unmistakable froth of smoky fronds that cluster and look like a cloud of smoke rising from the bush. It also goes by the name Cotinus, and is from the warmer areas in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly North America. We love it because it makes everything look rustic and warm and adds a softness to usually super glam blooms like peonies.

Eucalyptus and peonies


This week’s eucalyptus is a dusty delight. Branchy and tall, it’ll add piles of character to your arrangement and a glorious fresh fragrance to your home.

TIP! when it’s looking a little tired, tie up in your shower and enjoy some steamy fragrance.

Styling instructions

1. Flower Food

Fill a clean vase with flower food solution. We used a simple beaker this week, but use any low vase or cup – even a teapot!

2. Prepare your stems

Prep your stems by trimming off lower leaves. Don’t forget you can keep your sexy deep green peony foliage to use in your arrangement.

3. Start your foundation

Add low pieces of smokebush to add a textural foundation for your arrangement. A bit of overhang adds interest! Add a few short sprigs of eucalyptus to add a little structure.

4. Tuck in your peonies

This arrangement needs only one giant bloom as a focal point! Tuck yours in low, at the front. And use and off cut foliage and buds to fill in the gaps!

5. Add height with snaps

Snapdragons will be your high focal point for this arrangement. Keep their length relatively generous.

6. Pile up

Layer this week’s gorgeous low arrangement on top of books and with other mini vases!


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