Recently both us accompanied a friend from the States on that requisite day trip to the Blue Mountains in Sydney. It was a super foggy day so we ended up spending more time trawling the local shops than ogling the (non-existent) view of the Three Sisters. And funnily enough, hanging around with someone “not from ’round these parts” made us look at things with fresh new eyes – from the slightly bizarre Aussie bush (“yep, that’s a seed pod”) to the awesomely quaint classic kids books we found in a book store – think Where The Forest Meets The Sea and everything May Gibbs. It made us reflect on how unique Aussie botanicals really are, and how much we take them for granted.

Happily, native flora is having a serious comeback, with the hottest florists and interior designers celebrating its spectacular woody beauty. Even better, it’s incredibly easy to style and dramatic stems trailing out of minimal vases look as good dried as they do fresh (perfect for the lazy floral stylist!). We hope you love this box get stuck into this week’s tutorial.

xo Mel and Phil

“There’s an expression in Australia called “Go Bush” which means to get out of the city and relax… But I don’t get to do that often so, for the most part, it’s a state of mind”

– Cate Blanchett

In the box this week




This Banksia Mensiesii is right on trend with the bottom third in a lemony dip-dyed yellow. To make this dramatic bloom a little easier to style with other blooms, simply snip off the serrated leaves (although we like to keep about 6 or 7 in intact around the flowerhead.

berzilia cut flowers


This week’s berzilia is a lovely silvery, clustered treat and a wedding favourite. A little goes a long way to add interest to a native arrangement, or even paired with more traditional, girlie blooms.

purple easter

Purple easter daisies

Easter daisies are deliciously dense and wildflowery and look fab popped in a minimalistic ceramic vase or pitcher – perfect for a kitchen counter or in a bare corner of your bathroom or lounge. Their spindly tiny blossoms and foliage can tend to look messy so keep things cute and fresh by styling these beauties in opaque vases and receptacles rather than clear glass.

nutty gum bloombox co

Nutty gum

What a happy coincidence you happen to live in the best part of the world for gum. Its large silvery droopy leaves and dramatic clusters of oversized gumnuts set the standard for rustic chic. Toss branches of it on the centre your next dinner party table, threaded in between piles of tea lights and dinner candles.


Styling instructions

aussie native arrangement floral tutorial diy

1. Prepare your botanicals

Strip and clean your stems, removing any leaves that would fall below the water line, and trimming cleanly to reveal a fresh stem end ready to receive water.

For the banksia you can cut the lower leaves off with scissors.

australian natives jug floral arrangement tutorial DIY

2. Cut some shorter stems of gum

As you’ve noticed, your nutty gum is super long and traily!  Cut a couple of shorter lengths to tuck into the front and sides of your arrangement.

banksia arrangement tutorial

3. Start your posy with the banksia

Your banksia will be the focal point of your arrangement. Make sure you choose the best angle and use that as the start of your posy.

step by step australian natives jug floral arrangement tutorial

4. Add berzilia

Nest in the berzilia berries just under your banksia.

australian natives jug floral arrangement tutorial

5. Add easter daisies

Thread in your easter daisies, starting first with the longer lengths at the back, and working around to the front with shorter lengths.

6. Add your gum

Choose a tall length of gum and thread it into the back of your arrangement.

Then tuck shorter lengths towards the front.

7. Trim your stems

Trim off the stems at the same length (but preserving as much length as possible).

8. Arrange in a vase

Pop your arrangement into a tall vase or water jug, and tweak individual stems.

This traily native arrangement is perfect for your hallway, or will look great stacked on a few books on your coffee table or just on the floor next to your couch. Easy!

Watch it in action!


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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.