Leaf ‘n Wreath – Modern Australian Wreath

with Eucalyptus and Australian native flowers

December is sliding right into Christmas! And it’s the best time of the year to indulge your creative side, and turn your thoughts to celebrating and welcoming friends and family into your home.

There’s no better way to do this than by hanging a beautiful wreath on your  door! More than a colourful and welcoming decoration, wreaths are chock full of symbolism and history, dating back to the Roman tradition of gifting branches in the New Year, with wishes of health and happiness to family and friends.

The traditionally circular shape has come to symbolise eternity, joy and peace, and is perfect welcoming the festive spirit into your home.

However, gone are the days of boring wreaths. They’ve now become an outlet for expressing your creativity – so this week, make your wreath your own! Minimal and modern? Neat and classic? Loose and bohemian? It’s up to you!

In your box this week, you’ll find a selection of Aussie natives that will dry perfectly and see you right through the Christmas season. We’ve also included a wreath ring and wire for you to get creative. And you can check out the steps in the tutorial below.

If you’d prefer to pop your blooms in a vase instead, go ahead! These beauties will dry perfectly, for a sculptural arrangement that will bring you joy for months to come.

We can’t WAIT to see your wreaths! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #bloomsituation. You might even win our bloomer of the month prize pack!



hanging wreath australian natives



australian modern wreath tutorial what you need

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • a mix of Australian native botanicals. We used long leaf eucalyptus, banksias or pincushions, flannel flowers, plumosa, berzilia and tiny southern daisies

  • a steel ring

  • craft wire, floral wire or twine

  • sharp scissors or flower shears



Styling Instructions

step 1 cut into small stems

1. Snip snip

Snip your botanicals into small pieces before you get started.

step 2 create bundle of foliage and flowers

2. Bundle up

Starting with your eucalyptus as a base, create a bundle, layering flowers at staggered heights on top. Keep it interesting and not too neat!

Tie with twine or wire.

step 3 create an extra bundle

3. Rinse and repeat

Create a second bundle – it doesn’t have to match!

step 4 wire the bundle to the ring

4. Wire to your wreath

Wire or your first bundle to your wreath, wrapping or tying wire firmly around the base. Tie in a few different spots further up, to encourage the stems to follow the shape of the ring.

Repeat with the second bundle in the opposite direction, pushing the stems underneath the first bundle to hide the mechanics!

step 5 fill in any gaps

5. Gap filler

Tuck in sprigs of leftover botanicals to fill in any gaps or hide any visible wiring. You can weave in the ends for a neat finish, or add more wire for extra security.


step 6 hang your wreath on your door

6. Let it all hang out.

Hang your botanical beauty up on your front door to welcome the festive vibes into your home this year! If you don’t have a hook, this looks gorgeous propped up  against the wall, too!

Happy holidays!


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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.