Aloha, friend.

Ever feel like you’re doing TWENTYTWOTHOUSANDTHINGS at once? And yet somehow, not quite kicking goals on all those thing you’ve got on the boil? Yes?

We think multitasking is WAY overrated – in fact research shows that those that multitask are around 40% less productive that people who focus on one task at a time! This week, we want you to STOP (and smell the… well, roses!).

Say no to stuff that you don’t need to do, or in your gut you know you don;t want to do. We give you permission to blow off all your plans and stay in this weekend. Take some time to prep some nourishing meals for the week ahead, make your space ordered and cosy, and generally just have some downtime. We’ve hooked you up with some beautiful blooms to get your home feeling like the sanctuary you deserve! Gorgeous peachy garden roses grown on the fringes of Sydney, teamed with luscious alstroemeria and sleek foliage.


Styling Instructions – Garden rose and alstroemeria


Here’s what you’ll need.

  • A selection of roses and alstroemeria in fun colours

  • Dusky coloured foliage (we love Eucalyptus and Olive leaf)

  • Flower shears or secateurs

  • A sturdy vase and fresh water

1. Create a frame

Use your branchy foliage to create a frame

2. Colour!

Add some colour with pops of tall alstroemeria.

3. Stagger it

And use some shorter stems for fullness in the body

4. Garden roses

A scattering of shorter, randomly placed garden roses adds luxury and lushness!

5. Bunch it

Add little clusters of roses for visual interest

6. Voila!

Simple, airy, beautiful. Enjoy babes!

P.S. You seem like the kind of gal that knows how to really embrace every day and make every moment beautiful, so we wanted to let you know that you can get flowers just like these delivered to your door every week! We (Phil and Mel) find the freshest, most amazing in-season flowers and send them right to you, so you can make your space and life simply beautiful. Click on your location below to find out more.


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