LET IT GO – Alstroemeria and Rose Flower Arrangement

with Poly Gum

“Let it goooo….” seriously – is it even possible to have kids and not sing this damn song every time you hear these words? I probably listen to ‘Elsa’ 67 times a week while driving around with my kids in my SUV, quietly whispering to myself “Don’t worry… You’re still cool.” 

This ‘let is go’ is about actually letting it all go, though. We’ve all put up with enough crap this year, so we are officially giving you permission to take some time off! Toss aside your bra, straight up say ‘no’ to stuff you don’t want to do, blow off your plans this weekend (going out is overrated, self care is key!) and look after yourself, babe.

Take some time to feed your soul with nourishing meals, a clean and cosy space and a deliciously self-indulgent attitude! We’ve hooked you up with some extra beaut blooms this week so you can start treating yourself right, right NOW!

Be good to others, but never forget to make some time to be good to yourself.



Here’s what you’ll need.

  • 4-10 stems of fluffy flowers like orange roses

  • 4-8 stems of lilac alstroemeria

  • 2-3 stems of poly gum

  • sharp scissors or flower shears and a clean glass vase


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