Look straight ahead…

Delphinium and Sweet William Arrangement

…there’s nothing but blue skies (and sunset clouds lit with pink!). It’s a view we could get used to.

Who knows what tomorrow will hold – or even 5 hours from now. Never have we lived in a world of such constant upheaval. Taking the time to stop and enjoy putting your blooms together this week will not only be a much-needed screen break but a great way to soothe your mind and connect with nature.

This week’s blooms are a frothy bubblegum mix of tall delphiniums, unusual bubbles of snowberry, and tiny petalled sweet william.

Scatter them in separate vases through your home, or arrange extra simply by grasping all your stems in one hand like a posy, adjusting individual stem height for an undulating effect, and trim off the bottom of the stems before popping into a vase of fresh water…



Here’s what you’ll need

  • 2-3 stems of laurel
  • 2-4 stems of delphiniums
  • 5-10 stems of sweet william
  • 2-4 stems of snowberry
  • clean glass vase

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