Lotus Position – Contemporary textured arrangement

With WA Apple Banksia, Rudbeckia Echinacea, Alstroemeria, Lotus Pod

You’re no basic betty, and neither are this week’s blooms.

Life isn’t uniform, it’s a mish mash of ups and downs and side to sides. Work, family, keeping house, friends, creativity, nature! It’s all there, mooshed together to make that rich green smoothie we call life. Luckily, you’ve nailed one of the ways to tap into a bit of zen when you need it.

You’ve found your way back to centre with this week’s box of beautiful botanicals. Citrus-hued Western Australian apple banksias stand tall and textured (you can dry these for some everlasting blooms once the rest of your arrangement has wilted!). An unexpected combo of contemporary Rudbeckia Echinacea and tropical Alstromeria are set off by a base hardy, sage-coloured greenery. Bring it all eclectically together with a sophisticated, smooth green Lotus Pod.

Now, breathe. Let the contemplation session begin.



Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Lotus Pod
  • Apple Banksias
  • Alstroemeria
  • Rudbeckia Echinacea
  • Foliage like Feijoa or Spinning Gum
  • clean vase and fresh water
  • sharp scissors or flower shears

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