Love Love Love – Romantic Pink Arrangement

with Siam Tulips, Alstroemeria, Leather Fern and Celosia

Valentine’s Day! Sweet, saccharine and in your face everywhere you turn at this time of the year. It’s too easy to roll your eyes at the foil balloons, synthetic messages and plane loads of imported red roses.

BUT… There’s also an opportunity to use it as a reminder to celebrate love in all its forms. Like texting a Galentine’s Day message to your friends, or romancing yourself with a petal sprinkled bath! So bring it on! Make it a public holiday we say!

This week’s box is a love-inspired bunch, sure to tickle you pink. Intriguing Siam tulips (that are not related to tulips but actually to ginger!) and coral like celosia are the star of this collection. To add balance are long lasting stems of alstroemeria in a luscious pinky purple, and stems of leather fern. This brightly hue-d bouquet is as far from red roses and babies’ breath as we could manage, but chock full of love and style! Follow along with out tutorial for a gorgeous way to arrange your blooms! Or simply, gather in one hand, trim and pop into your favourite vase.




Here’s what you’ll need.

  • 1 bunch of Siam Tulips

  • A few stems of Celosia

  • A few stems of Alstroemeria

  • Leather fern

  • A clear vase

  • sharp scissors or flower shears


Styling Instructions

1. Leather up

Begin with a squeaky clean vases filled to about half way with fresh water.

Starting with your stems of leather fern, pop them into your vase to create a frame for your arrangement.

2. Snip

Cut an inch or two off the ends of the Siam Tulip’s stems. Cut them to slightly different lengths for a little visual interest.

3. Yes, Siam.

Pop your Siam Tulips in, allowing them to lean out to the sides randomly.

4. Celosia

Time for your velvety Celosia! Trim to your desired length and in it goes.

5. Alstro!

Fill in any gaps with colourful Alstroemeria, a tropical inspired fave of ours.

6. Love!

Kick back and feel the romance with this sexy arrangement!

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