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Get your box this week? If so, you’ll notice we’re switching things up a little, with a real hands-on newsletter that we hope you’ll love! Mel and I have been putting our heads together on how to really make having flowers in your home easy (and fun)! So we thought perhaps a regular step-by-step each week would help get your creative juices going.

This week your box is filled with fragrant beauties, including scented geranium – an old fashioned beauty with a stunning fragrance. Crush a few leaves between your fingers and let the fragrance lift your soul.

We also have gorgeous “arab eyes”, mini waxflower, fluffy field stock, fern and a pop of colour from a coral peony. Peonies are not quite in season yet, but we couldn’t resist slipping a single one into your delivery this week.


XO Phil and Mel

“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einsten

In the box this week

arab eyes bloombox co flower tutorial diy arrangement

Arabs Eyes (Black Pearl Lily)

These little jewels have a perfect white cup of petals with a dark black centre, perfect to add to an arangement for a bit of contrast. We love them with lots of greenery and with enough stem left to allow that beautiful bend that gives them a bell-like feel. Understated and elegant, and the perfect complimentary flower.

peony pink bloombox co flower tutorial diy arrangement

Coral Peony

All hail the Peony! This is a beauty that just can’t be beat. For this arrangement we pack a punch with a single, multilayered bloom. This peony is seriously stunning focal point that “levels up” anything it’s paired with. Team it with little blossoms like your Arabs Eyes or with greenery like fern for a woodsy, magical vibe.

stock bloombox co flower tutorial diy arrangement


Fluffy clouds of pastel colour? Yes please! Stock always breaks our hearts a bit with its painfully boring name, but baby does this bloom deliver! With its gelato-hued, ruffly stems,  it’s a match for so many different types of greenery. This week we’re loving the texture combo with our leather fern.

pale pink waxflower


A long time fave here at BB headquarters, we love waxflower for it’s tiny, waxy petals, pine-needlley foliage and its all round, rustic boho feel. It’s super long lasting, and a great low-key flower (aka, it dies gracefully if you forget to top up your water!).

leather fern bloombox co flower tutorial diy arrangement

Leather Fern

Is it weird to say that we like a leaf because it looks like something a dinosaur would have enjoyed munching on? Leather Fern is one of those foliage varieties that instantly changes the look and feel of an arrangement with its generous size and interesting texture. As the name suggests, its leaves have a leathery look which gives this botanical more strength and succulence than your regular, softer varieties.

scented geranium goblet flower arrangement geranium fern diy tutorial peony


Or Gerani-yum, as we would like to call it, because this botanical just smells so darn good. Will that straight-from-grandma’s-garden feel, it’s a total winner with its almost herb-like shape and sweet little buds sprinkled on top.

Styling instructions

chicken wire goblet flower arrangement geranium fern diy tutorial peony

1. Insert chicken wire

Roll your piece of chicken wire into a ball and insert into your vase. This will act as support for your blooms and foliage. Fill with flower food solution and get your shears ready.

flower tutorial diy arrangement

2. Prepare your stems

Prepare all of your stems before you get started. That means removing (i.e. simply pulling away) any leaves that would fall below the water line in the vase.

greenery goblet flower arrangement geranium fern diy tutorial

3. Add your foliage

Start by adding greenery, inserting your largest leaves first. Trim excess leather fern greenery along the stem for a shorter leaf. Nestle in some short geranium leaves near the base

goblet flower arrangement geranium fern diy tutorial peony

4. Place your peony

Allowing your greenery to help determine the placement, measure the ideal stem length for your focal peony. Cut the stem at a sharp angle and insert into your arrangement.

stock goblet flower arrangement geranium fern diy tutorial peony

5. Fill with blooms

Turning your arrangement as you go, fill in with your remaining stock and arab eyes, leaving some stems short, and some a bit longer for a more wild, romantic arrangement

goblet flower arrangement geranium fern diy tutorial vintage

6. Tweak and admire!

This sweet smelling arrangement is perfect for your coffee table! Use any leftovers to make mini vases around the house – simple ferns in the bathroom, or fragrant stock on bedside table. Beautiful!


BLOOMBOX CO delivers fresh flowers and easy do-it-yourself instructions, so you can create beautiful arrangements in a snap. Here’s how it works. You receive a themed selection of flowers and botanicals, and our step by step instructions which are perfect for beginners or experienced stylists alike.

We’re committed to putting the creative reins in your hands, so you can confidently style your own botanicals and create beautiful spaces. It’s more about the experience and embracing your creativity than the end product, which is why we’ll never sell anything pre-arranged.

BLOOMBOX CO is a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription service with no commitment – skip a delivery or cancel at any time (with 5 days notice). We can’t wait to get creative with you.


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